Earn 1,000 KmP for Live Concerts with Premium TicketHub

AeroMexico Club Premier is offering a bonus of 1,000 KmP when you buy tickets for concerts in the United States with Premium TicketHub, valid from March 1st to June 30, 2014.

With Premium TicketHub, you earn KmP whenever you purchase tickets for sport events, festivals, concerts, and international shows.

For every $1 paid, you earn 1 KmP.

During this Special KmP Promotion, you can earn a 1,000 KmP bonus in addition to the KmP earned by the purchase of each ticket.

This offer is valid for each ticket purchased for concerts in any city in the United States.

AeroMexico KmP Live Concerts Premium Ticket Hub

No minimum purchase is required to earn the 1,000 bonus KmP.

The Kilometers Premier earned will be given to the Club Premier Partner account that is specified in a period no longer than 5 days after the full payment of the tickets.

All forms of payment apply, including credit cards and bank transfers.

You may also be interested in the AeroMexico Club Premier Rewards Card to earn additional bonus KmP.

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