Air Mile Reward Programs Directory and $25 Cash Contest Giveaway

Air mile reward programs provide frequent flyer miles, special flight deals, and airline travel benefits for airline rewards program members.

Check out our new Airline Rewards Programs Directory for a list of frequent flyer programs from leading airlines.

Plus, you can enter for your chance to earn $25 cash via PayPal from

Earn $25 Cash Via PayPal

Maximizing Money is giving away a $25 cash prize via PayPal to 1 lucky reader who leaves a qualifying comment on our new airline rewards program directory.

We’re looking for additional airline rewards programs that are not already listed within our directory, so please help us out, plus enter for your chance to win $25.

Here’s How To Enter

1. Visit our new Directory of Airline Reward Programs.

2. Leave a comment on our new airline reward directory page.

3. Within your comment, you must leave the name of at least 1 airline reward program that is not already listed within our directory and was not named within a previous comment.

On Sunday, April 10, 2011, 1 lucky reader who leaves a qualifying comment will be chosen for the $25 prize.

The $25 cash prize will only be paid via PayPal, and only 1 reader will receive a $25 cash prize.

You must leave your valid email address in the comment email field, so that we can contact you to provide the prize.

We’re hoping to compile an extensive list of air mile reward programs and frequent flyer programs, so please help us by leaving a comment on our directory with a new airline program that is not already listed.


  1. says

    Hello everybody,

    This contest has now ended, and a winner has been selected for the $25 prize.

    Thank you very much to everyone who left suggestions, we’ve added all of them to our directory of airline rewards programs.

    Please feel free to leave additional suggestions to be added to our list.

    Thank you again for participating in this giveaway promotion and congratulations to the winner.


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