American Airlines Elite Rewards Program Offers Milestone Bonuses When You Meet Earning Thresholds

The American Airlines AAdvantage program is offering a new Elite Rewards promotion that provides special bonuses when you reach Elite-qualifying milestones.

Once you compile enough Elite-qualifying miles, points, or segments to reach certain earning milestones, you will receive your choice of special bonus rewards.

To participate in Elite Rewards, you must register prior to December 31, 2013, and choose your reward by February 28, 2014.

Just use registration code ELTA3 to register at the AAdvantage Elite Rewards Promo Page.

If you’ve already qualified for a milestone, you will receive your first notification email by the end of May.

You can reach 4 milestones in total for 4 different rewards.

Elite Rewards Milestones and Bonus Choices

For each milestone that you reach, you will be able to select 1 of the corresponding rewards.

Milestone 1: 40,000 Miles/Points or 45 Segments

  • 10,000 Bonus Miles
  • 3 500-Mile Upgrades
  • 2 Admirals Club 1-Day Passes
  • Free BAGS VIP Luggage Delivery
  • 10% Discount

Milestone 2: 75,000 Miles/Points or 80 Segments

  • 20,000 Bonus Miles
  • 1 Systemwide Upgrade
  • 5 500-Mile Upgrades
  • 4 Admirals Club 1-Day Passes
  • 5 Single Segment Wi-Fi Passes

Milestone 3: 125,000 Miles/Points or 130 Segments

  • 30,000 Bonus Miles
  • 2 Systemwide Upgrades
  • Gift of Gold for a Friend
  • Admirals Club Membership
  • 20% Discount

Milestone 4: 150,000 Miles/Points or 160 Segments

  • 40,000 Bonus Miles
  • 4 Systemwide Upgrades
  • Gift of Platinum for a Friend
  • Admirals Club Membership
  • Global EntryFee Sponsorship

You are welcome to 1 reward within each milestone for which you qualify.

The Elite Rewards program is cumulative, so if you’ve reached Milestone 2, you’ve also reached Milestone 1.

The program is also retroactive, so as long as you register by December 31, 2013, you will qualify for rewards since January 1, 2013.

Elite-Qualifying Miles, Points, or Segments

The milestones that you must reach in order to earn a bonus reward are based on Elite-qualifying miles, points, or segments only.

Elite-qualifying miles, points, or segments are the actual miles, points, or segments that you earn on eligible purchased tickets for flights aboard American Airlines and AAdvantage participating airlines.

You could also consider signing up for the AAdvantage Rewards Credit Card to maximize your mileage earnings, but remember that bonus card miles and miles earned through card spending do not qualify as Elite miles, so they will not count toward your Elite Rewards milestones.

Participate in the Elite Rewards program to earn special bonuses when you reach earning milestones.

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