American Airlines Free 30-Minute Inflight Wi-Fi Session on Internet-Enabled Flights through February 16, 2012

American Airlines is offering 30 minutes of free inflight Wi-Fi on Internet-enabled flights through February 16, 2012.

You can enjoy a complimentary 30-minute inflight Wi-Fi session from Citi/AAdvantage on Internet-enabled flights through February 16th.

You just need to enable Wi-Fi on your laptop or handheld device, launch your browser, and follow the instructions to get started.

Check out this American Airlines Free Wi-Fi offer for more details.

Inflight Wi-Fi Internet service works with most laptops and smartphones, and supports Android, Apple, Blackberry, Nokia (Symbian S60), and Windows platforms.

Smartphone users can connect with phones in airplane mode by switching on inflight Wi-Fi and looking for the “gogoinflight” signal.

Inflight Wi-Fi Internet is available within the continental U.S. on all 767-200 aircraft and select MD80 and 737 aircraft.

Take advantage of this free Wi-Fi offer if you are flying on American Airlines through February 16, 2012.

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