AwardWallet Referral Program Offers Airline Miles and Account Upgrades

The AwardWallet referral program lets you earn bonus points that you can redeem for airline miles from your favorite loyalty programs.

Plus, when you refer your friends, you will earn free account upgrades to AwardWallet Plus, which provides advanced features that can help you manage your rewards programs more efficiently.

About AwardWallet

AwardWallet is a free online service that allows you to track your airline miles and hotel points from a variety of popular loyalty programs.

It’s free to sign up to use the standard version of AwardWallet, or you can pay to upgrade to an AwardWallet Plus account (or get free upgrades for referring your friends).

How the AwardWallet Referral Program Works

Current AwardWallet users will get free account upgrades for every 5 people who join through your referral link.

If any of your referrals pay AwardWallet for account upgrades, you will get bonus points in proportion to their contribution.

If the referee does not pay for AwardWallet upgrades, then the referrer does not get any points.

When a current member earns enough points to reach certain thresholds, AwardWallet will convert those points into miles for the rewards program of your choice, and those miles will be deposited directly into your loyalty program account.

AwardWallet Points-to-Miles Redemption Thresholds

  • US Airways – 1,500 AwardWallet Points = 1,000 Miles
  • Delta – 4,500 AwardWallet Points = 2,000 Miles
  • United – 4,800 AwardWallet Points = 2,000 Miles

You can refer your friends to AwardWallet via Facebook, Twitter, and by sharing your own unique referral link, which you are more than welcome to share in the comments section below this article for other readers to use.

Get AwardWallet Free Account Upgrade

I have 10 free upgrade coupons available for first-time users to redeem.

Once you sign up for a free account, enter the following upgrade coupon to get a free upgrade to AwardWallet Plus.

AwardWallet Upgrade Coupon – free-eoutwy

According to my AwardWallet account, I have 10 free upgrades available for any first-time user to redeem, so the above coupon should be good for 10 uses.

You can also head on over to Frequent Flyer University for some more free upgrade codes, as they have a bunch to give out, and I’d also like to send them a special thank you for alerting me to this offer and providing me with an account upgrade code.

AwardWallet Referral Link Exchange

Please feel free to share your AwardWallet referral links in the comments section below this article, so that other readers can use them when joining AwardWallet.

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