Continental OnePass Frequent Flyer Program Elite Status Match Challenge

The Continental OnePass frequent flyer program is offering an Elite status matching challenge to match your status from other airline rewards programs, valid for requests received through December 31, 2011.

The OnePass Elite Status Match Challenge promotion offers top-tier flyers of most other airlines a comparable status in the OnePass Elite program.

Check out the OnePass Elite Status Match Challenge to gain access to the OnePass frequent flyer program’s top-tier status.

OnePass Elite Status Match Challenge Details

If you meet the criteria to participate in the Elite status match offer, your account will be upgraded for 90-days to Silver, Gold, or Platinum Elite status, based on the Elite level you hold in your current frequent flyer program.

To keep Elite status for the balance of the 2011 program year, you will need to complete a specific number of flights operated by Continental, Continental Express, Continental Connections, United, or United Express within the 90 day timeframe.

The number of flights you must complete depends on the elite level you are matched to.

Customers who meet the flight requirement on or after July 1, 2011, will retain their matched Elite status through January 31, 2013, unless a higher Elite level is earned.

To be considered for OnePass Silver, Gold, or Platinum Elite status through this promotion, please send the following information to:


Mail: OnePass Service Center
Attn: Elite Status Match
P.O. Box 4757
Houston TX 77210-4365

1. Your OnePass account number. If you are not already a member, join today.

2. Your name, complete current mailing address, and email address.

3. A copy of your most recent mileage summary or 2011 membership card that clearly identifies your current Elite level in your frequent flyer program.

Your must allow 7 to 14 business days for processing after receipt of your request.

Confirmation will be sent by email if your request is approved.

Elite status match is only offered for OnePass Silver, Gold, or Platinum Elite levels.

Elite Status Matching Membership Terms

This offer is not valid for members who have participated in the OnePass Elite status match program within the last 5 years.

An Elite membership card will be not issued for the 90-day qualification period.

You may enjoy Elite benefits on Continental, Continental Express, Continental Connections, United, or United Express operated flights by providing your OnePass number when making reservations or at check-in.

During the 90-day period, you will not have access to all reciprocal Elite benefits with Continental’s partner airlines including access to Star Alliance lounges.

Through this offer, you may only maintain the same Elite status level as your matched status.

Your OnePass Elite status will be returned to general member status, or your earned Elite level, if you are unable to complete the flight requirement within the 90-day period.

Take advantage of this Continental OnePass frequent flyer program to gain Elite matching status from your current airline rewards program membership.

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Get matching status in the OnePass airline rewards program today.

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