FlyBuys Aviation Fuel Rewards Program for Pilots and Flight Department Members

The FlyBuys aviation fuel rewards program offers pilots and flight department members rewards points when you purchase aviation fuel.

The FlyBuys Rewards Program is a free aviation fuel rewards program that works just like consumer gas rewards programs for automobile drivers, except it is designed for pilots and members of flight departments.

FlyBuys is being offered to pilots, schedulers, dispatchers, crew members, and flight departments in order to help save money on the costs of operating your airplane or helicopter.

FlyBuys Aviation Rewards Program Details

For every gallon of aviation fuel purchased, you will receive 1 point toward the receipt of a gift card, which can be redeemed online from over 200 merchants, or at any participating Chevron or Texaco branded gas station.

After you enroll, you’ll receive a FlyBuys membership program ID that can be used immediately to start earning points.

Each time you visit a Participating FBO and purchase Chevron or Texaco branded aviation fuel, simply present your FlyBuys membership card to the FBO representative to receive point credits for your purchase.

You’ll earn 1 point per gallon of fuel purchased, 1 bonus point per gallon if your purchase is made using an Alliance Card, and additional bonus points may be offered by individual FBOs at their discretion.

FlyBuys points are valid for 24 months from the date they are earned, after which they expire, but there is no limit to the amount of points that you can earn.

Accumulated gas reward points can also be equally split amongst up to 5 members, which is perfect for large operations where more than 1 person may be involved in fueling a particular plane.

FlyBuys points can be redeemed online at any time in the following increments:

1. 2,000 points = $25 Chevron/Texaco gift card

2. 2,000 points = $20 SuperCertificate (Redeemable at for over 200 merchant gift cards)

It’s free to enroll online at or pick up an enrollment form at any participating FBO.

Take advantage of the FlyBuys airplane or helicopter fuel rewards program to earn cash rewards on all of your aviation fuel purchases.

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Join FlyBuys for free today if you are a pilot or flight department member and would like to save money on aviation fuel.

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