JetBlue TrueBlue Badges Offer Free TrueBlue Points

The JetBlue TrueBlue Badges program allows you to get bonus TrueBlue points when you complete qualifying activities and earn a new TrueBlue Badge.

Each time that you earn a new TrueBlue Badge for participating activities, you’ll receive bonus points toward your next reward flight.

You can earn Badges for qualifying flights to 245 destinations, for partner activities with Hertz, Hilton, ShopTrue, etc., and for loyalty activities like connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You’ll receive a Welcome Bonus of 100 points just for registering or logging in with your current TrueBlue account information and viewing the tutorial, plus you can get 500 points for connecting your Facebook account and 250 points for connecting your Twitter account.

These bonus points will post to your account right away as soon as you earn the Badges.

Plus, you can earn more TrueBlue points for sharing with your friends, volunteering at events, and more.

Just visit TrueBlue Badges and sign up or log in to get started.

Check out the new TrueBlue Badges from JetBlue to earn points for a variety of activities.

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Get TrueBlue Badges to earn points toward free flight rewards on JetBlue.

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