Southwest 250 Rapid Rewards Bonus Points to Join e-Miles Rewards Earning Program

e-Miles is offering 250 Southwest Rapid Rewards bonus points when you join e-Miles and complete 4 free activation offers, valid through June 15, 2012.

e-Miles is a free advertising network that allows you to earn points or miles toward airline and hotel rewards programs when you view online ads, watch 15-second videos, and complete short surveys.

Sign up for this e-Miles Rapid Rewards Bonus to earn 250 extra Rapid Rewards points for viewing 4 ads.

Upon successful activation of your e-Miles account, you must wait 4 to 6 weeks for your 250 bonus points to be added to your Rapid Rewards account.

e-Miles is also giving away 250,000 Rapid Rewards bonus points to lucky winners when you join during this promotion.

Once you become an e-Miles member, you can view new ads on a regular basis to earn extra points or miles for your favorite travel rewards program.

Plus, everyone will get a bonus of up to 250 points deposited directly into your Rapid Rewards account when you enroll today and activate your new membership by June 15, 2012.

You may also wish to apply for this Rapid Rewards Credit Card Bonus to earn bonus points toward free rewards flights on Southwest Airlines.

Sign up for this e-Miles Rapid Rewards promotion to earn extra points toward free Southwest flight rewards.


  1. Deacon says

    There seems to be a lot of people that get credit cards based on the rewards that they offer. What do you think of the Dunn & Bradestreet study that says people spend 12-18% more when they use a credit card? I am interested in your point of view.

  2. CD says

    “Plus, everyone will get a bonus of up to 250 points deposited directly into your Rapid Rewards account when you enroll today and activate your new membership by June 15, 2012. ”

    Are you sure?

  3. says

    Hello CD,

    I cannot absolutely guarantee that everyone will receive 250 bonus points, but the promotional page says it’s true, and I have no reason not to believe them.

    I participated in a similar promotion with e-Miles and another rewards program, and I did indeed receive my bonus miles, so it seems to be true.

    Hope this helps and thanks for the comment. Max

  4. says

    Hello Deacon,

    I am not familiar with all of the details of that study, as far as how the statistics were gathered and analyzed, so I can’t really speak to its accuracy.

    I’m pretty sure that there are an incredible amount of factors that go into individual spending habits that are far too extensive to be properly analyzed in any type of study, at least for me to agree or disagree with the results 100%.

    However, my general opinion is that credit cards are tools, and it’s up to people to control how we use them.

    If you are able to use credit cards to maximize rewards on purchases that you would already make, then you are winning the game.

    If you are unable to control your spending when you have a credit card in your hand, and it’s costing you more than you’re saving, then you should probably avoid credit cards, although you may not do too well with cash money burning a hole in your pocket either, since that displays a lack of spending control.

    Some people may spend more in some circumstances than they normally would in order to achieve certain rewards, but again, I believe it’s up to the individual to make educated decisions that make the best financial sense.

    What’s your point of view on the situation?

    Thanks, Max

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