Spirit Airlines Offers 8,000 Bonus Miles for Love or Hate

Spirit Airlines is offering you 8,000 Free Spirit miles when you provide your feedback (love or hate) about any airline by July 31, 2014.

This is a really easy 8,000 bonus miles to earn, as you just have to provide your Free Spirit member number, email address, and 140 characters max of feedback for any participating airline, not just Spirit Airlines.

Just visit this H8TE Thousand Miles Giveaway from Spirit to participate today.

The 8,000 bonus miles will be posted to your Free Spirit account within 10 days of submission, and they’ll email you when the miles are posted.

Even if you don’t plan to redeem your Free Spirit miles toward Spirit Airlines flights, you can always redeem them on MagsforMiles to get free magazine subscriptions.

Each participant may receive only 1 bonus offer.

Spirit will award up to 1 billion miles for the promotion and may modify or cancel the offer at any time.

The bonus miles may be used in combination with your already accrued miles that are available in your Free Spirit account balance.

Spread some love or hate about your favorite or least favorite airline to get 8,000 bonus Free Spirit miles today.


  1. Jack Rubin says

    I liked your airlines years ago because you start off charging a lower price with good service but you now add $35.00 for a suite case charge that makes it the same price or more than other air lines (Bogus).I don’t get your credit card because you have to use it each month & if you don’t use it you lose you ski miles. Ski miles should not be lost for your BOGUS reasons. Try to be a leader so other air lines follow you. I use other air lines for these reasons.

  2. Jack Rubin says

    I liked your airlines years ago for you lower prices and good service. But you now start off with a lower rate but you over charge for luggage which brings the price up to and even more the other airlines. I would get your credit card but if you miss a month of none use you lose your ski miles( BOGUS) Try to be a leader not a follower.

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