united.com Club Offers $5 Credit Per Ticket Purchased with $25 Annual Membership Fee

The united.com Club offers $5 cash back for every ticket that you purchase at united.com with a $25 annual membership fee.

MileagePlus members can join the united.com Club for a $25 annual membership fee.

The $25 annual membership fee gets you a $5 credit on every ticket that you purchase at united.com.

The $5 credits can then be used to purchase travel to anywhere United or United Express flies.

In addition, united.com Club members receive special offers on travel and merchandise, including hotel, cruise, and vacation packages.

united.com Club Membership

united.com Club is open to MileagePlus members with a primary mailing address in the United States (including American Samoa, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam).

You must be enrolled in united.com Club prior to making the flight purchase to receive the credit.

The MileagePlus account that is used to sign in to united.com will receive united.com Club credits after travel has been completed.

united.com Club Credits

A TravelBank Account is required to receive united.com Club credits.

A $5 united.com Club credit will be deposited in your TravelBank Account when travel is completed on any ticket purchased at united.com.

The $5 per ticket credit will be deposited in 3 to 5 business days upon confirmation that the itinerary has been flown.

Credits may be applied to any air travel purchased at united.com (excluding MileagePlus award travel).

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Sign up for the united.com Club if you plan to purchase more than 5 tickets per year at united.com.

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