AAA Members Get Higher APY Rates with Discover Bank Online Accounts

AAA members can get higher APY rates by 5 basis points when you open a Discover Bank online account.

If you are a member of AAA, you’re entitled to get Discover Bank online savings accounts, money market accounts, CDs, and IRA CDs with 5 basis points (i.e., 0.05%) higher rates that normal Discover Bank APYs.

Sign up for your AAA Discover Bank Account to enjoy higher interest rates with Discover Bank.

This is is great way to get preferred member-only rates that are higher than Discover Bank offers to the general public.

Can Current Discover Bank Account Holders Apply the AAA Member Rate?

Unfortunately, Discover Bank customer service indicated that AAA members cannot simply apply the AAA member rate to your current Discover Bank account.

You must open a new AAA Discover Bank account to qualify for the 5 basis points higher rate.

You can then transfer your current Discover Bank account funds to your new AAA Discover Bank account and close out your non-AAA Discover Bank account if you so choose.

That may be a lot of trouble for a 5 basis points increase, but you must open a new AAA Discover Bank account to qualify for the highest possible APY.

If you already have a Discover Bank online savings account, you may wish to open a Discover Bank IRA CD or money market account, so this is still a great opportunity for AAA members to get higher interest rates on your Discover Bank deposits.

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Sign up for AAA member Discover Bank online accounts today to get higher APYs by 5 basis points.

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