Bank Mutual Offers up to 1% Cash Back on Debit Card Purchases via CardCash

Bank Mutual is now offering up to 1% cash back on your everyday debit card purchases via CardCash.

Bank Mutual has branches throughout Wisconsin as well as a branch in Minnesota.

If you’ve signed up for one of their bonus offers in the past, or you otherwise have a Bank Mutual checking account, this is a good way to earn cash back on your debit card purchases, and it’s free to register.

Just register for the Bank Mutual CardCash Program if you have a qualifying checking account with a debit card.

You’ll earn up to 1% cash back when you use your debit card for everyday non-PIN purchases.

However, you must meet a monthly minimum spending requirement of $500 in qualified non-PIN debit card purchases each month in order to start earning your cash back.

CardCash Earnings

  • 1% on Qualified Monthly Purchases Totaling $500.01 to $1,000.
  • .50% on Qualified Monthly Purchases Totaling $1,000.01 to $1,500.
  • .25% on Qualified Monthly Purchases Totaling $1,500.01 and higher.

Just select credit on your debit card purchases to earn up to 1% cash back with Bank Mutual.

Since you have to spend $500 within a month to start earning cash back, and you’ll only earn the full 1% for purchases up to $1,000, you may want to be selective on your spending if you intend to use your Bank Mutual debit card to earn the cash rebates.

In general, you’re better off using one of these Cash Rebate Rewards Cards to earn higher cash back rates on more of your purchases, but if you can’t qualify for a regular credit card for whatever reason, then this CardCash option to earn debit card rebates may be a viable program for you.

It looks like other banks may have programs with CardCash as well, so check your local bank for possible cash back earning opportunities.

Take advantage of the CardCash program at Bank Mutual to earn up to 1% cash back on your non-PIN debit card purchases.

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