Bank of America Business Checking Account $200 Bonus Offer

Bank of America business checking accounts are currently offering a $200 bonus when you complete qualifying transactions, valid through November 21, 2010.

Just open a new Bank of America small business checking account, deposit at least $750 per month for 3 consecutive months, and make at least 2 online bill payments during 1 of those same 3 months to earn up to $200 in banking bonuses.

You’ll earn $150 when you deposit at least $750 per month into your new small business checking account for 3 consecutive months, starting between September 20, 2010, and November 21, 2010.

You’ll earn another $50 when you pay at least 2 bills during 1 of those same 3 months through Online Bill Pay, accessed through Bank of America Online Banking.

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Bank of America Business Checking Promotional Details

Offer expires 11/21/2010 and is available only when you open a new business checking account using the Bank of America promo code SBESP10.

Bank of America may terminate this offer before this date.

New customers will receive $150 after verification of making monthly net deposits of at least $750 (qualifying deposit amount less cash received) for 3 consecutive calendar months and another $50 after verification of paying 2 bill pays through online banking in 1 calendar month during those same 3 consecutive calendar months.

Qualifying deposits are deposits of funds new to Bank of America and Merrill Lynch that are made through the ATM, teller window, or bank by mail.

Wire transfers and transfers between accounts (including transfers made at an ATM, with a teller, by phone, or through online banking) are not qualifying deposits.

Bank of America will make every attempt to deposit the $150 or $200 directly into your Bank of America checking account within 90 days of meeting the qualifications, but if they are unable to do so, a check will be issued.

You must be a new business checking customer.

You are not eligible if are an owner of signer on a Bank of America Business checking account that is open now or that was closed within the last 90 days.

You are not eligible if you are a Bank of America associate.

There is a limit of 1 promotion per company.

Bank of America will report the value of the offer to the IRS.

Take advantage of this Bank of America business checking promotional cash bonus offer today when you open a new BofA business account online.

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