Barclays Online Savings Account Offers Competitive Rates with No Fees

The new Barclays Online Savings account offers competitive interest rates with no minimum balance requirements and no monthly maintenance fees.

Barclays Online Savings accounts are FDIC insured to ensure the safety of your deposits.

There are no minimum deposit requirements to earn the full 0.90% APY with the Online Savings Account.

Interest is compounded daily to maximize your savings and credited on a monthly basis.

There are no monthly fees to maintain your account and no specific requirements to avoid any monthly fees.

Check out the Barclays Online Savings Account to open this free savings account online today.

Barclays online banking also provides Online CDs with competitive rates to help further your investments.

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Sign up for a Barclays Online Savings account to receive a competitive interest rates with no monthly fees.


  1. fyze says

    Dear Sir
    I am from Pakistan.I apply for barclays bank account from my country branch.but branch says account opening fee is 100000RS rupee.but website says no fee no minimum balance required what is the truth please help

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