Green$ense Rewards Credit Card $240 Cash Back Per Year from Charter One and Citizens Bank

The GreenSense Platinum MasterCard is currently offering up to $240 cash back per year on your purchases when you make qualifying transactions with your credit card.

This offer is available from Charter One in IL, MI and OH as well as Citizens Bank in CT, DE, MA, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI and VT.

You must have a checking account with either bank in order to receive your cash back rewards.

The Green$ense rewards credit card will give you 25 cents cash back for each credit card purchase when you make at least 10 qualifying credit card transactions that post to your account each month.

You can earn up to $20 per month, which is the equivalent of making 80 purchases per month at 25 cents cash back per purchase.

You can earn a total of $240 cash back annually, and your cash back rewards will be automatically deposited into your Citizens Bank or Charter One checking account each month.

Apply for the Charter One Green$ense Credit Card or the Citizens Bank Green$ense Credit Card to earn up to $240 per year in cash back bonuses.

There is no annual fee for this card.

If you can find a way to make multiple purchases that are less than $0.25 each, then this could be a good money-making deal for you, but it is otherwise still a decent cash back offer, especially if you generally make smaller purchases, which will result in earning a higher cash back percentage rate on your spending.

Green$ense Credit Card $240 Per Year Bonus

The Green$ense Credit Card offers 25 cents cash back on each credit card purchase for up to $20 per month and up to $240 per year.

Green$ense Credit Card customers must have a checking account enrolled in the GreenSense Rewards program and make a minimum of 10 eligible transactions with your credit card in a month to receive $0.25 for each credit card purchase.

Cash back is earned monthly on credit card purchases, after you make 10 qualifying transactions with your Green$ense Platinum MasterCard.

The first 10 qualifying Green$ense credit card transactions will be a part of the 25 cents per purchase.

If you have a Green$ense Credit Card and are enrolled in their Value Plan or Combined Plan, you do not need to make 10 qualifying transactions to start earning cash back.

Green$ense credit card customers must also enroll in credit card online services and credit card online statements in order to be eligible to receive their rewards.

You will be allowed $20 in maximum monthly Green$ense earnings for up to $240 cash back per year.

You may also be interested in the BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards Credit Card to earn up to a $120 bonus per year, and this card is available nationally with no need to open a checking account.

Charter One and Citizens Bank both also offer the CashBack Platinum MasterCard that provides 10% back on $1,000 in gas purchases as well as 5% back on select purchases for the first 90 days.

Apply for the Green$ense credit card today to earn up to $240 per year in cash back rewards.

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