Chase $200 Business Checking Account Bonus Extended through 1/30/2010

Chase has issued a new $200 business checking account bonus when you open a Chase business checking account through January 30, 2010.

Important Update: This Chase bonus offer has expired early. Please see the current Chase Bonus Offers for more Chase promotions.

Just open a qualifying Chase business checking account and deposit a minimum of $500 within 30 days of opening the account to receive your Chase banking bonus for $200.

The $200 Chase bonus will be deposited into your new account within 10 days of confirming the minimum $500 has been deposited.

Check out the Chase $200 Business Bonus Link to obtain a valid Chase business coupon code.

However, you must be logged in to your current online Chase account in order to properly open the Chase bonus link.

If you do not have a Chase account already, please feel free to contact to request a Chase coupon code, as we would be more than happy to provide you with a Chase business code.

You can apply online, in person, or by phone for this Chase business checking bonus offer.

This offer is valid for new Chase BusinessClassic Checking, BusinessClassic Checking with Interest, Advanced Business Checking, Advanced Business Checking with Interest, Commercial Checking, Commercial Checking with Interest, or Chase BusinessPlus Extra Checking accounts.

There is a limit of 1 business checking account bonus per customer per calendar year.

The initial deposit must not be made with funds that are held by Chase or its affiliates.

Take advantage of this Chase business checking account bonus offer while it lasts, as Chase has a tendency to pull their bonus offers down early.

You may also be interested in these other Banking Bonuses for more banking promotions and cash bonus offers.

Sign up for a Chase business checking account today to get your $200 cash bonus from Chase Bank.


  1. Stuart Bridges says

    “If you do not have a Chase account already, please feel free to contact to request a Chase coupon code, as we would be more than happy to provide you with a Chase business code.”

    Hi, I need the business code, Thanks.

  2. Jeff says

    Hi I do have a chase account but do i need to have a business to open the account and receive the bonus? or I can just obtain business code from you guys?

  3. Brenda Bong says

    I need the code to get the $200.00 bonus on our business account. We have already deposited the 500.00 . Thank you. Brenda Bong

  4. jc says

    I need 2 codes for myself and my wife were opening two separate business accounts we already have accounts with chase but when we follow the link it doesn’t do anything we enter our online access page and then what else do we need to do????
    Please someone help. if not can someone send me a code.
    Thank you

  5. says

    hi i open an business account and my local banker told me to go in chase business coupon at google but i cant find the link does anyone out there knows the link so i can print it…….because my banker says i have to bring it today………

  6. says

    i notice are so fast taking money but just to give their so called promo it took them for so long to give it away and so much trouble why they cant just do it right there while you’re in the bank im thinking to go in cancel my account becuse i dont have patient for like that

  7. jason crutcher says

    please email me the $200 business coupon code and one for personal if you have it, i cannot link.

    thank you so much

  8. Ryan W says

    I would please like to have the promo code to receive the 200.00 for opening the business account. Thanks Ryan

  9. mrs merchant says

    i want t open a chase buisness account. i want a coupan code for 200 bonus banking.plz email me the code asap. thanx

  10. kim hoang says

    please send me a coupon for $200.00 bonus for chase business banking. I would like to open a new account
    Kim hoang

  11. Virginia Budzinski says

    Please send me the coupon code for the business checking $200 bonus. It keeps telling me the page doesn’t exist and I was signed in to my account! Thanks

  12. Travis says


    I opened an extra business checking account. I don’t know if I can do 2 of them, but if so, will you send me the promo code and maybe the $125 personal checking one.

  13. Willey says

    Can you please send me a coupon code for the Chase $200 Business checking bonus, for the account just opened. Thanks so very much!

  14. Ali Najafpour says

    Can you please send me a coupon code for the $200 toward business checking? I’m looking too open an acct immediately. Thanks.

  15. Danny Thai says

    I need 3 Chase Business Checking $200 bonus coupons please (me and family). If possible, it would be nice to have PDFs, as I want to print it out and do it at a branch.

  16. Grace says

    Please send me the coupon code for the business checking $200 b
    for my Peronsal chiecking acount $125.00 promo code ASAP. Thanks

  17. says

    I opened a business account today (1/30/10) but did not have a coupon code. They told me to get one online and they would honor it because I opened one up by the deadline. Please send me a code.

  18. Cherie says

    Could you please send me a coupon code for the $200 Business Checking promotion that Chase Bank is offering for the new account we just opened.Thanks!

  19. bertha says

    could you please send me the $200 business checking coupon code,that is offer for new accuunt.i just open thank you.

  20. jorge avendano says

    necesito que me envien el codigo de copun ya que hoy 2 de abril abri mi cuenta de negocios con deposito de 500.00

  21. Mary says


    I used a coupon code that I got on the internet for this promotion and jumped through all the hoops…opened a business account, filled out apps, funded with $500, etc. They got my SSN wrong, had to mail me a new app, lost my paperwork, and essentially did all they could to wear me out. Now they say that unless I have a physical coupon code I don’t qualify for the promotion — after all that! Do you have a copy of the original offer, maybe a screenshot that I can save? I am going to write the president of the company and complain — possibly also to the FCC, because their dealings with me have been bait and switch all the way.

    Please advise, and thank you,

    Mary S.

  22. Rahul says

    I heard that Chase was doing a President’s Day Coupon for Business Checking for $100. Have you heard of anything or got anything new in for a new business account?

  23. says

    Hello Rahul,

    In the past, the Chase President’s Day bonus has been for personal checking accounts to get a $100 cash bonus.

    Here’s our article on the Chase President’s Day promotion:

    I am not sure if it has been extended or changed for business accounts this year, but I will contact my local Chase branch for more information if possible.

    If you hear anything else, please let us know.

    Thank you for your comment, Max

  24. says

    Hi I’v been trying to get a $200 chase checking coupon or code with no direct deposit but I just can’t find any I need to turn it in by 1/19/2012 wich is thursday if anybody has one please let me now im welling to pay my E mail: Thanks

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