Chase $200 Business Checking Account Bonus

Chase is offering a $200 business banking bonus when you open a new Chase business checking account by April 22, 2009.

Important Update: This $200 business bonus offer is currently not available. Check out these new Chase Promotional Offers.

To qualify for this $200 banking bonus, you must open a new Chase business checking account and deposit a minimum of $500 or more within the first 30 days of opening your account.

The bonus offer is valid when you open a new BusinessClassic Checking, Advanced Business Checking, or Chase BusinessPlus Checking account.

This Chase business checking bonus is only available to customers in the following states: IL, WI, MI, IN, NY, CT, NJ, OH, WV, KY, FL, LA, OK, TX, CO, AZ, and UT.

You must open your Chase business account with a minimum deposit of $500 within 30 days to receive this banking bonus, and the initial deposit must be made with funds not currently held with Chase or its affiliates.

The $200 cash banking bonus will be deposited into your account within 10 days after the $500 minimum deposit requirement has been met.

There is a limit of one business checking account related bonus per customer per calendar year.

In order to receive this bonus, you must print out the Chase $200 Business Checking Account coupon and bring it to a local Chase branch to open the account.

Each time you click on the above promo link, it will open a coupon code page with a unique Chase promotional code.

Take advantage of this Chase $200 business checking account bonus to get a banking bonus when you open a new Chase business account.


  1. trudy says

    The $200 bonus has expired and I missed it. There is now a $100 bonus …. but if anyone knows a link to still get the $200, PLEASE PASS IT ON

  2. Andrew says

    I just want to thank Max. I received my coupon two days ago from this site and it worked. This was the only site to provide me with a coupon on such short notice. I searched the web for hours and this site was legit with providing a real coupn. Thank You

  3. says

    Dear Max,

    Just signed up for a Chase business account, and the banker told me to find the $200 code on-line. I’d really appreciate it if you could email me a code when you get a moment. Keep up the good work on the site!



  4. Rachel says

    I just opened a Chase Business account. I sent an email to the email address listed. Can you please email me a printable copy of this coupon??
    Thank you so much,
    Rachel :)

  5. Kerri says

    I just opened a Chase Business Account and the banker told me I could find a $200 promotional code online too. Have not been able to find it readily available.
    Do you have a code you can e-mail me? Would greatly appreciate it.


  6. Kerri says

    BTW, does anyone else think it’s a unfair “promotional practices” or kind of like a false advertising that Chase can offer the $200 bonus to “some addresses” and not all. I called Chase for the code and they said they only send it to “random addresses”. That really seems unfair that one person gets it, and another doesn’t. If it’s a promo offer, shouldn’t it be open to all who meet the criteria?

  7. Daphne says

    Hi – I opened my biz. account online back in January within the timeframe of the $200 bonus offer – when I got the e-mail reply confirming my application I tossed out the coupon – now they can’t find the old coupon code and are asking me to search online for the old code – does anyone have it they can e-mail me or a pic of the old coupon itself? Thanks so much!

  8. Rebecca says

    Can someone please email me a coupon code? I applied online before the deadline and they’re saying I need to know the code which I no longer have. I would greatly appreciate it, if someone can send me one. Thanks!

  9. amalia moise says

    I just openned a Business Checking account. Please send
    me a Bonus Code to take to my bank. You can E-Mail it to my Email address. My banker said that I need it this week. Thanks!

  10. Shaw Chang says

    The $200 offer will be expired on 5/15/10, but I am not able to print out the coupon code today (5/10). Could you please mail it to me asap? Thanks.

  11. Andrew says

    Hi, I just opened my Chase business account and I was wondering if someone can provide me with the promotional code please. Thank you

  12. Alfred says

    I also opened an account and can no longer retrieve the promotional code. Only one day left, if someone can please send me the code. Thanks.

  13. sonia de dios says

    please i need coupon of 200 dollars to open a business account please send me a coupon to my email i will be really thankful if i get one.

  14. LaNae says

    Looking for a 200 cash back for business account. Just opened one today and they told me if I find a coupon within 30 days I can get it. Anyone have any promotional codes???

  15. Mikey says

    Well it seems a lot of people come here for the promo code. So if you could please email a copy of the coupon/promo code that would be wonderful. If not, all is well.

    Thank you.

  16. alfonso says

    I just saw a $200 coupon on ebay, i’m guessing they are comming again.
    If anyone has a coupon $200 please email it to me

  17. michal cohen says

    hi my name is michal today i whont to open business account in chase if you can help me whith 200$ coupon

  18. Phillip Pitts says

    My Chase rep just told me to get online and find the promo code. Please help me out and e-mail me one. Thanks!!!

  19. Stacey LaFave says

    Me and business partner are looking into opening business account. Could you send me $200 coupon for new account. The coupon will help convince my business partner to open account with Chase instead of one of your competitors.

  20. Erik Sanford says

    If there’s a website that has a working $200 business checking coupon, I would be so thankful if someone told me about it! THANK YOU!

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