Chase Automatic Mortgage Payments $20 Bonus Offer Targeted Mail Promotion

Chase Bank is offering a $20 bonus when you set up Automatic Mortgage Payments from your Chase checking account, valid for targeted customers with a coupon code.

Chase Bank is mailing out coupon codes for this Automatic Mortgage Payments promotion to targeted customers who have a home mortgage loan with Chase Bank.

These coupon codes allow you to earn a $20 bonus when you set up Automatic Mortgage Payments from your Chase checking account to your Chase mortgage.

Some of the mailed Bonus Mortgage Offer Cards are valid for both a $150 Chase Total Checking Account Bonus and a $20 Automatic Mortgage Payments bonus for a total of $170, while other Bonus Mortgage Offer Cards are only offering the $20 bonus for the Automatic Mortgage Payments promotion.

The nice thing about if you received the $150 checking code as well is that it does not have a direct deposit requirement.

Chase Automatic Mortgage Payments Promotional Links

Visit the $170 Chase Mortgage and Checking Promotion if you received the codes for both the $150 Chase checking and $20 mortgage payment promotions.

Visit the $20 Chase Automatic Mortgage Payments Promotion if you just received the coupon code for the $20 mortgage payments bonus.

Please note that you will need to log in to your Chase online account before you can click through to “Enter your automatic payments offer code” from the above promo links.

Chase Automatic Mortgage Payments Bonus Details

To get your $20 bonus, you must enter the automatic mortgage payments offer code that is printed on your Bonus Mortgage Offer Card.

To qualify for the bonus, you must initiate the automatic mortgage payment service from your Chase checking account to your new Chase mortgage.

The first payment must post within 60 calendar days of initiating the service.

The bonus will be deposited into your checking account within 4 weeks after the initial mortgage payment draft has posted to your account.

You can present this offer card to a banker when setting up your automatic Chase mortgage payment from your Chase checking account, or you can apply online.

Possible Code Guessing Option If You Did Not Receive a Coupon Code

If you did not receive a Bonus Mortgage Offer Card in the mail to participate in this offer, you may possibly be able to guess at a code to receive the $20 bonus.

Here is a Current Code: ZW7232947NHAxxxx (Important: Read Below)

The above coupon code is for the $20 Automatic Mortgage Payments promotional offer only.

The code is valid through February 2, 2013.

The first 12 digits are from an actual code that was sent out by Chase, while I have replaced the last 4 digits with “xxxx” to protect the validity of this 1-time use code, which was provided to us by a reader.

You can use the first 12 digits as they are, and then by guessing at the last 4 digits and trying to enter them online, you may discover a valid code (please note that this could possibly lead to using a code that was sent out to somebody else).

I will note that the last 4 digits are all numerical, so you shouldn’t include letters in your guesses, and if you start with the last 4 digits at 7500 and increase your guesses by 1 at a time, you should be able to get the correct code at some point, although there are no guarantees.

Of course, if everybody who reads this starts at 7500, there will be overlapping, so pick a different number, like 8500 or 3500, and starting going up 1 at a time from there.

Learn more about how to Guess Chase Checking Coupon Codes from item number 6 in the list at this link.

You may also be interested in the Chase Exclusives 1% Mortgage Rebate Offer if you have a mortgage with Chase Bank.

Get a $20 bonus when you set up Automatic Mortgage Payments with Chase Bank for targeted customers.


  1. Gerald Lindeman says

    I have a new Loan as of 12-10-12. The first payment is 2-1-13. My Loan Number is 1199926163. I want to register for the $20 Bonus but do not understand the process as far as going on-line with Chase. Please enter my information for this offer. My $20 Bonus Card number is ZW7232947NLC4VRR. Thanks for helping an “old” Senior Citizen.

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