Chase Bank Coupon Codes for Sale on eBay Offering up to $500 in Bonus Cash

A variety of Chase Bank coupon codes are for sale on eBay offering up to $500 in bonus cash if you are willing to pay from $10 to $20 per coupon.

Most of these eBay sellers are offering Chase-issued coupons that they received in the mail, which come with a 1-time use promotional code.

The bonus codes can be used when opening various Chase accounts including the Total Checking account, Premier Plus Checking account, and personal savings account with up to $500 in cash rewards available.

You can find these codes by performing a basic search on eBay, and we’ve provided a list below of some currently available codes for your reference.

Consider purchasing a Chase promo code on eBay if you can’t otherwise get access to the promotional offer that you want anywhere else.

Benefits of Chase Coupons on eBay

There are 3 main benefits when purchasing a Chase code on eBay:

1. No Direct Deposit Requirement

In general, you can get Chase Total Checking account bonus codes on eBay that do not have the direct deposit requirement.

If you want to earn the Chase Bonus with No Direct Deposit Requirement, then you might want to consider purchasing a coupon on eBay.

2. Bigger Bonus Payout

You can sometimes get a larger bonus amount with the eBay coupons than you can by applying through the online bonus links.

This is not always true, but in many cases, the bonus coupons on eBay offer bigger cash incentives.

3. Bonus Not Available Otherwise

In some cases, certain bonus codes may not be available online or anywhere else, unless you receive it in the mail personally.

If you want to open your account sooner that later, you might need to purchase an eBay coupon to get the cash reward.

Cost of Chase Coupons on eBay

It’s important to consider both the cost of the coupon and the amount of the bonus reward, as the price you pay will cut into your overall profit.

The price of Chase coupon codes for sale on eBay varies between different codes, but you can generally expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $20 per coupon.

These are 1-time use codes, so you will need to purchase multiple coupons for different users.

Most sellers offer free shipping on these coupons, but make sure that you double-check the shipping price as well.

List of Chase Bonus Coupons Available on eBay

Here is a list of current Chase promotions that are for sale on

1. $500 Chase Premier Plus Checking – Get $500 when you open a Chase Premier Checking Account and deposit $15,000 or more.

2. $300 Chase Premier Plus Checking – Get $300 after your first 6 months when you open a Chase Premier Plus Checking account.

3. $200 Chase Total Checking – Get $200 after a $100 deposit in 60 days when you open a Chase Total Checking account with no direct deposit requirement.

4. $150 Chase Total Checking – Get $150 when you open a Chase Total Checking account. Please note that some of these coupons do require a direct deposit and other coupons do not, so read the details carefully before making your purchase. The $150 Chase coupon code with the direct deposit requirement is also available online, so you don’t need to pay for it, plus it wouldn’t make sense to buy the $150 coupon when a better $200 coupon is available on eBay at this time.

5. $125 Chase Total Checking – Get $125 when you open a Chase Total Checking account with a $100 deposit and there is a direct deposit requirement for this offer. This bonus is readily available online, so you should not buy it.

6. Chase Savings Account Bonus – Get up to $175 or more when you open a Chase Savings account with a qualifying deposit. Some readers have reported being able to get a $150 Chase Savings account bonus by inquiring with a teller at your local branch.

Tips for Purchasing Chase Codes on Ebay

Just like any other purchase on eBay, you’ll want to make sure that the seller has a high Positive Feedback rating, so that you know they are a trusted seller.

Review the details of the offer carefully to make sure that you understand the requirements of the promotion.

You should also consider whether the coupon is for sale as Buy It Now, or if you will need to bid against other buyers on the coupon, as that could affect the sale price greatly.

Plus, make sure that the expiration date for the promotion gives you enough time for shipping and to apply for your account.

Once you receive your coupon, you can always Apply Chase Coupon Codes Online, so that you can open your account as soon as possible.

Alternatives to Purchasing Chase Coupons on eBay

If you don’t want to pay for your coupon, there are several alternatives to still get your bonus when you open a new Chase account.

There are several Online Chase Bonus Codes available on a regular basis, so make sure that you are not purchasing a code that you can get for free.

You can often get Chase Codes in USPS Mover’s Packages as well, although the promotions may vary and may not be as good as other offers that are available elsewhere.

We also encourage you to Trade Chase Coupon Codes with other readers and give away codes that you receive for free, if you don’t intend to use them for yourself.

In addition, we offer a $25 Chase Coupon Code Finder’s Fee if you find an online link to a bigger and better bonus than we already have available.

Please note that we do not sell Chase coupon codes on eBay in any form, and we are not associated with any of the Chase coupon code sellers on

However, if you can’t otherwise get access to the promotion you want, then it may be a good option to purchase your Chase coupon code on eBay.

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