Chase Exclusives up to .75% Off Standard Rates for Car Loan Refinancing

Chase Exclusives is offering up to .75% off the standard rates for car loan refinancing for Chase checking account customers.

Chase provides special discounts exclusively for checking account customers to help you save money when you refinance your existing auto loan.

Take advantage of these exclusive discounts for Chase checking customers to get up to .75% off standard auto loan rates.

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Chase Exclusives Auto Loan Rate Discounts

You may qualify for .25% off the standard rates if you have a Chase personal checking account.

You may qualify for .50% off the standard rates if you have any Chase Premier Checking, Chase Premier Plus Checking, or Chase Premier Platinum Checking account.

Plus, an additional discount of .25% off the standard rates will apply if you have your monthly loan payment automatically deducted from your Chase checking account when you enroll at loan closing for as long as you continue automatic deductions.

If you don’t have a Chase personal checking account, there are various new applicant promotions available when you Open a Chase Checking Account Online, but you must live in a state where Chase has a branch.

Rate discounts are only available on new auto loans through a branch, online, or by phone with Chase, and the discounts are not available on dealer financing.

There are also Chase Exclusives Mortgage Rate Discounts available when you get your home mortgage from Chase Bank.

Utilize this Chase auto loan refinancing promotion to get lower rates for Chase checking customers.

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