Chase Extras Debit Card Rewards Program Free $10 Gift Card Bonus

The Chase Extras free debit card rewards program is currently offering a free $10 Gift Card bonus when you enroll in Chase Extras by September 30, 2009.

Just enroll in the free Chase Extras rewards program to receive enough bonus points for a free $10 Gift Card from a variety of brand-name merchants.

Visit the Chase Extras $10 Gift Card Bonus Offer page to enroll in Chase Extras and receive your free $10 gift card bonus.

Just enroll your qualified Chase debit card or Chase check card in the Extras rewards program by September 30, 2009, to receive 5,500 bonus points.

Your 5,500 bonus points will post to your Chase Extras account no later than October 31, 2009.

Once your points have posted, you will be able to redeem them for a $10 Gift Card from a variety of popular stores.

Plus, you may have already earned points on every qualified Chase debit card purchase you have made since August 1, 2009, and these points will also post to your account no later than October 31, 2009.

Enroll your qualified Chase check card in the Chase Extras debit card rewards program today to get a free $10 Gift Card bonus from Chase.

Read our Chase Extras Rewards Program Review for more details on the Chase Extras program for Chase debit cards.

Take advantage of this Chase Extras promotional offer to get a $10 Gift Card bonus with the free Chase Extras rewards program.


  1. Kate says

    I applied 3 of my debit visa cards for the $10 offer. To date I did not get any points for enrolling.

    The offer clearly stated all you got to do is enroll for the 5,500 points. I spent 3 hours with Chase trying to get them to post the points per offer.

    One Chase rep said the offer says you got to make debit purchases over $500 every month for it.

    Another conected to Chase Debit rewards, they said they are only for Master Card and I need to speak to Chase Visa Rewards. I spoke to them and they said they are really Visa people and have no info on Chase offers and to speak again to Chase Reps.

    Wow 3 hours and no $10 per card enrolled in Chase rewards by Sept 30th!

    Only Chase has the gall to do this bait and switch with customers – we bailled them out for this bull!

  2. Alicia says

    The rewards program is more like a debt program. The chase extras website said that enrollment is free, but when I called to figure out why my debt card was not working they said I had to pay an annual fee of $25.00 for this program. Sounds like a scam to me why would I pay them money for a reward I would be lucky to get in a year.

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