Citizens Bank GoalTrack Savings Program up to $250 Bonus Offer

The Citizens Bank GoalTrack Savings program is currently providing up to $250 in cash bonus offers when you follow a monthly savings plan with your current or new Citizens Bank savings account.

GoalTrack Savings from Citizens Bank or Charter One Bank is a free online savings program that helps you set your savings goal and time frame, tracks your progress toward your goal, and rewards you with up to $250 in cash bonuses when you reach your savings goal.

This Citizens Bank bonus is valued at up to $250, depending on your monthly savings amount and the timeline you choose for your goal.

You can easily add GoalTrack Savings to your current Citizens Bank savings account through Online Banking, or you can open a new savings account with Citizens Bank to start GoalTrack Savings.

Check out this GoalTrack Savings Program Bonus from Citizens Bank to earn up to $250 in cash bonuses on your savings plan.

To remain eligible for the bonus, minimum monthly balance requirements must be met, and the bonus varies based on the amount and length of time selected for savings.

You must be enrolled in Citizens Bank online banking to qualify for this bonus.

Make sure you review the GoalTrack Savings Terms and Conditions to fully understand the terms of this bonus promotion.

GoalTrack Savings Eligible Accounts

Most Citizens Bank Savings accounts are eligible for GoalTrack Savings including: Green Savings, Circle Savings, Circle Gold Savings, Personal Savings, Statement Savings, and Basic Savings.

Excluded accounts include: CollegeSaver, HomeBuyer Savings, High Yield Savings, Premier Savings, and fiduciary accounts.

IRA Savings accounts can participate in GoalTrack Savings, but are not eligible for bonus due to potential tax implications.

You may only have 1 active GoalTrack Savings plan for each eligible savings account, but you may have as many plans as you have eligible savings accounts.

GoalTrack Savings Bonus Eligibility

Minimum monthly contribution amount: $25 per month.

Minimum monthly savings time frame: 8 months.

Bonus may be lost when minimum savings amount and time frame for the goal are not met, or if you cancel GoalTrack Savings or close the savings account associated with the program.

GoalTrack Savings Bonus Calculations

You’ll earn the maximum bonus when you save at least $400 per month for 36 months.

You may save more or for a longer period, but no additional bonus earnings are awarded.

The minimum bonus is earned when you save $25 per month for 8 months.

Bonuses are selected and redeemable when you reach the target time frame and savings amount.

Savings balances in existing eligible accounts must be maintained in the program throughout the goal’s duration and are excluded from the bonus calculations.

You can use GoalTrack Savings without electing to receive a bonus, but you might as well try to keep up with your savings plan in order to receive the bonus cash.

Take advantage of this Citizens Bank GoalTrack Savings program bonus offer to earn up to $250 in bonus cash when you complete a savings plan with Citizens Bank.

Citizens Financial Group operates a 12-state branch network under the Citizens Bank brand in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont, and the Charter One brand in Illinois, Michigan and Ohio.

Charter One account holders can also qualify for this bonus offer through the Charter One GoalTrack Savings Program.

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Sign up for the GoalTrack Savings program today to get a cash bonus when you meet your savings account goals with Citizens Bank.


  1. says

    the offer is confusing; seems to have a lot of hoops to jump.
    “You’ll earn the maximum bonus when you save at least $400 per month for 36 months”
    if the max bonus is $250, then the actual yield is only 1.7% for 3 years, or about 0.5% APR. RIDICULOUS!

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