Columbia Bank IRA Certificate of Deposit Bonus Program in New Jersey

Columbia Bank in New Jersey is offering a cash bonus when you open an IRA Certificate of Deposit.

You can receive a 1-time cash bonus when you open a new Individual Retirement Account CD with at least $10,000 at Columbia Bank.

Check out this Columbia Bank IRA Bonus Program for more details.

This offer applies to new rollover Traditional or Roth IRAs only.

The minimum deposit to receive a bonus is $10,000.

The 1-time bonus will be calculated based on the opening balance and term according to the following schedule:

The bonus paid will be equal to .7% of the deposit and credited to your account within 10 days after opening.

For example, if you deposit $100,000, you will receive a $700 cash bonus

The IRA rollover bonus will be paid directly to the IRA Certificate of Deposit as interest earned.

You must allow 10 business days for the bonus amount to be credited to the IRA Certificate of Deposit.

The IRA Certificate of Deposit must remain open for the term chosen with a minimum of the opening amount to avoid a penalty of 1 year loss of interest, earned or not.

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Get an IRA CD bonus at Columbia Bank for a limited time.

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