Columbus Credit Union $20 Member Referral Program Bonus with Open Membership

The Columbus Credit Union referral program offers a $20 bonus to current members, plus a $20 free credit toward the Share Savings Account for new members.

Who Can Qualify

Columbus Credit Union is located in Rhode Island with branches in Warren and Riverside, and membership is openly available regardless of residence or occupation.

However, even though there are no restrictions on membership, it still looks like you need to provide the referral forms in person at a branch when you open an account in order to qualify for the referral program, so you’ll probably have to be in the Rhode Island area to participate.

There is an online account application, and it even has an indicator for whether you were referred by a friend, but there is otherwise no place to enter any referral details, so it doesn’t look like you can trigger the referral bonus via the online application.

So basically, membership is open to anyone, but new members have to visit a branch in Rhode Island to participate in the referral program, even though you can otherwise open an account online from anywhere.

I’ve sent a communication to the Columbus Credit Union in order to clarify their policy on this and to see whether the referral program can be utilized during the online application process or otherwise, and I’ll post their response when I receive it.

Columbus CU Referral Program Details

Current Columbus Credit Union members will earn a $20 deposit for every new member that you refer, and you can refer up to 6 new members for a total of $120 in bonus rewards.

Newly referred members get a complimentary Share Savings Account (which is equivalent to a $20 bonus credit), so everybody wins.

Access the Columbus CU Referral Forms online to share with your friends and family.

You must complete a membership referral card and have your friend bring the card to either of the branches in Rhode Island.

Current Members

Current members will receive a $20 bonus for each person you refer who becomes a new member of Columbus Credit Union and meets the minimum account requirements.

The referred member’s checking account must remain open, active, and in good standing for at least 90 days for the hold to be released on the referring member’s $20 reward deposit.

New Members

New members will receive a free Share Savings Account when you join Columbus Credit Union and establish a Columbus Credit Union Checking Account and associate a Master Money Debit Card with the account.

Opening a Share Savings Account as a new member usually requires a $20 deposit (to purchase your share in the credit union), so you basically get a free account with the $20 credit, but that money must remain in the account until you close your account in order to maintain your share.

Both parties must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

Exchange Columbus Credit Union Referrals

Please feel free to post your contact information in the comments section below this article in order to exchange Columbus CU referral bonuses with other readers.

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Participate in the Columbus Credit Union member referral program to earn extra bonus rewards.


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