EverBank High Interest Checking $50 Satisfaction Guarantee Bonus if You Open and Close Account

EverBank High Interest Checking is offering a $50 satisfaction guarantee bonus if you open and close your High Interest Checking Account from EverBank.

Open an EverBank High Interest Checking Account, and if you’re not completely satisfied in 3 months, you can close your account to receive a $50 satisfaction guarantee cash reward.

How to Get Your EverBank $50 Checking Reward

1. Visit the EverBank Homepage and click through to the “High Interest Checking Account” link under Checking & Savings in the center of the page.

2. Apply online for your new EverBank High Interest Checking Account.

3. Try the High Interest Checking Account for 3 months.

4. To qualify for the $50 satisfaction guarantee, you must use the Online Bill Pay feature at least 3 times within the first 3 months, and you must close your account and notify EverBank of your reason for doing so within 30 days of the 3-month anniversary of your account opening date.

5. If you’re not completely satisfied, EverBank will then send you a check for $50 just for trying the High Interest Checking Account.

It’s important to understand that you’ll only pay no fees for the optional Online Bill Pay when you maintain a minimum average monthly balance of at least $5,000, or you’ll otherwise have to pay $8.95 per month should your balance drop below the minimum.

If you don’t want to deposit the $5,000 minimum to avoid the Online Bill Pay fees, you can sign up for Online Bill Pay during the 3rd month of your account membership and make your 3 bill payments, so that you’ll only pay the $8.95 fee for the third and last month before closing your account.

This offer is limited to 1 per household, and it is not valid with any other EverBank offer.

Take advantage of this EverBank bonus offer to get $50 cash back if you open and close a High Interest Checking Account, or keep your account open and enjoy the features of your EverBank high-interest checking account.

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Open your EverBank High Interest Checking Account today to qualify for the $50 satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with your account.


  1. Claire Fraser-Landry says

    I haven’t referrals at 31 Church Gree severaon sonub have not received myreceived my bonus’ yet for referrals at 31 Church Green

  2. Kit says

    Had a hard time actually canceling/closing the account. Had to call twice to actually get them to close it… said I didn’t convey that on the first call… RIGHT>….

  3. Kit says

    After 3 or 4 phone calls I finally got instructions to send in a hand written notice of my cancellation and why + signature to get the $50 Satisfaction Guarantee. Then I got my check in the mail. Lucky I got it in before the 30 time frame…

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