First Clover Leaf Bank Round Up Rewards $200 Debit Card Purchase Matching Bonus

First Clover Leaf Bank offers the Round Up Rewards program that matches you for up to $200 when you round up your debit card purchases.

First Clover Leaf Bank has branch locations in Illinois.

Just make purchases with your FCLB debit card, and they will round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and deposit the change into your savings account.

Plus, they will match 10% of your Round Up Savings deposits for the first 6 months for up to $200.

Check out the Round Up Rewards Program for further details.

Round Up Savings is only offered to First Clover Leaf Bank VISA debit card holders.

ATM cards and transactions are not eligible.

The maximum total match per account is $200.

The matched funds will be credited to your savings or money market account quarterly.

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Take advantage of this First Clover Leaf Bank promotional offer if you live near a branch in Illinois.

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