First Trade Union Bank $100 FT Checking Account Bonus Available Nationwide

First Trade Union Bank is offering up to a $100 bonus when you open an FT Checking account by December 31, 2014, and use the new FT Pay app, available nationwide.

Name Change: First Trade Union Bank is now Radius Bank with a new promotional offer available.

The First Trade Union Bank is headquartered in Boston and has offices in Massachusetts and New York, but First Trade does open personal deposit accounts for customers across the United States.

Just open an FT Checking Account with no maintenance fees to earn up to $100 in cash bonuses.

Visit this $100 FT Checking Account Bonus Link for more details and to apply online today.

FT Checking Cash Bonus Offer Details

There are 3 separate steps to earn a total of $100 in bonus cash.

1. Earn $25 with FT Pay and a new FT Checking account.

Download FT Pay and link any debit or credit card to the app.

Make payments with FT Pay at thousands of LevelUp merchants.

First Trade will match any merchant loyalty credits you receive and store them for you in the FT Pay “Vault.”

Savings will be matched and stored in the Vault for up to $25.

When you’re ready to get your bonus, simply open a new FT Checking account and add your new debit card to FT Pay.

They’ll then deposit the amount of money stored in your Vault to your FT Checking account, and you can expect to see that bonus in 5 to 10 days.

2. Earn $25 with FT Pay “Vault” Savings Match.

To receive this bonus, you’ll need to have both an FT Checking and savings account linked to your First Trade debit card.

Visit the “Vault” in your FT Pay app and set the savings slider to send a percentage of the loyalty credits you receive at LevelUp merchant locations to your FT savings account.

Make purchases using FT Pay linked to your FT debit card.

When you receive a credit from a LevelUp location, the percentage you selected in the “Vault” will automatically be sent to your FT savings account.

First Trade will match the first $25 in savings and deposit them into your savings account.

3. Earn $50 with Direct Deposit.

Set up a recurring direct deposit to your FT Checking of $100 or more, and you’ll receive a bonus of $10 per month for up to 5 months.

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Open an FT Checking account with First Trade Union Bank to earn up to $100 in cash rewards.

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