Capital One 360 Online Bank Accounts and Home Mortgage Loans

Capital One 360 offers high interest rates with free online bank accounts including checking accounts and savings accounts.

Capital One 360 also provides low interest home mortgage loans and cash-out mortgage refinances with low closing costs and no bank fees.

Capital One 360 Internet banking services are completely secure and FDIC insured, so your deposits are safe with Capital One 360 online banking.

Capital One 360 home mortgage loans and home mortgage refinances provide competitive interest rates with less costs than traditional lending institutions.

Capital One 360’s online application forms are simple to complete, and you can open a bank account or apply for a mortgage loan online in just a few minutes.

Capital One 360 Checking Account

The Capital One 360 Checking Account offers high interest checking with no maintenance fees.

The 360 Checking account has no minimum balance requirements; however, the Annual Percentage Yield is based on a tiered interest rate system, and only higher balances will earn the full interest rate.

The 360 Checking account offers a free MasterCard Debit Card, free online bill pay, and free ATM access at over 35,000 locations.

360 Checking accounts will also mail your paper checks for you with completely free postage, or you can even securely email Electric Checks as an alternative method of sending money to friends and associates.

The 360 Checking account provides you with an Overdraft Line of Credit that you can access at any time with no fees, like your own personal line of credit with a competitive interest rate.

The amount of your Overdraft Line of Credit will be based on your credit qualifications, and you can access your line of credit at any time through your Debit Card.

Because of the Overdraft Line of Credit, Capital One 360 will perform a hard pull on your consumer credit report, and it’s important to understand that you will have to pay interest on your line of credit until your negative balance is paid off.

The 360 Checking account is fully FDIC insured, and it makes a perfect compliment for the 360 Savings account for those who need additional banking options.

Capital One 360 Savings Account

The Capital One 360 Savings Account is a high APY savings account with no minimum balance requirements and no monthly service fees.

It’s free and easy to open an online savings account with Capital One 360 in less than 5 minutes to start earning a higher interest rate on your deposits.

The 360 Savings account electronically links to your current checking account for funding, and online transfers are absolutely free.

Capital One 360 Savings accounts are fully FDIC insured, so your money is secure in this online savings account from ING Direct.

Capital One 360 Mortgage Loans

The Capital One 360 Mortgage offers competitive interest rates with low closing costs and no bank fees.

The Capital One 360 Mortgage provides great rates and no rate buy downs with a 60-day free rate guarantee on mortgage purchase loans and a 30-day free rate guarantee on mortgage refinances.

The online application for Capital One 360 Mortgage loans is quick and easy with no application charges or other junk costs like other banks, plus you can even do your closing online or by phone.

Capital One 360 offers multiple down payment options, and you can get the same great rates for cash-out mortgage refinances as you can for mortgage loans from Capital One 360.

Capital One 360 offers high interest online banking rates with no fees as well as low interest home mortgage loans and mortgage refinancing to help you save money with secure Internet banking from Capital One 360.

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  1. Dan - BankVibe says

    I’ve been hearing lately that ING’s mortgage dept is understaffed. They do offer some of the best ARM rates around, but keep in mind it may be difficult to talk to someone in person.

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