MoneyAisle Online Bank Auctions Offer the Highest Rates for CDs and High-Yield Savings Accounts

MoneyAisle offers online bank auctions where banks compete to offer you the highest rates for CDs and High-Yield Savings accounts. is absolutely FREE to register and submit your bank auction request, and there no commitment requirements to request a live auction with competing banks.

You can even run a free test auction without registering to see what the best bank rates are in your area, and if you choose to accept the offer, you can simply register for free when the bank bidding is completed to sign up for your bank account.

The entire process takes just minutes to complete, and you can choose to accept or decline the bank offer once the bidding is finished, with no further requirements necessary.

If you choose to accept your bank offer for a Certificate of Deposit or a High-Yield Savings account, you simply provide your contact information and the bank will send you the necessary information to open your account, or if the bank offers online account opening features, you can simply open your account directly online.

MoneyAisle is not involved with your banking transactions or opening your bank account in any way, and they do not exchange or handle your money at all. simply helps you find the best bank rates through online banking auctions, and once you’ve found the best bank rate in your area, all future transactions are done directly with your new bank.

All competing banks at MoneyAisle are fully FDIC-insured and subject to MoneyAisle’s screening process.

Here’s How MoneyAisle Works:

1. To begin your auction, simply visit, where you can either register for free first or simply run a test auction without registering.

2. Select either a CD or a High-Yield Savings account, the amount of money you wish to invest, your location, and if you’re investing in a CD, the maturity duration.

3. Then click the Start Auction button to watch banks start to immediately bid for your business.

4. You can watch the bank auction live while your rates increase, and the entire process only takes a minute or two before you’re provided with the winning bank rate.

5. Once your bank rate is established, you can choose to either accept the offer or decline the offer, with no further obligations if you decide to decline the bank offer.

6. If you want to accept your bank rate, you simply enter your contact information to receive further instructions from the bank or open your account online immediately if that option is available from the bank.

You are under no further obligations to MoneyAisle, and there are no hidden service charges or fees whether you accept or decline your bank offer.

MoneyAisle provides you with the best bank rates in your area, and you can start a live auction on demand at any time, 24/7, and it’s absolutely free.

By helping banks cut their costs, MoneyAisle allows banks to pass the savings onto you, so that you can receive higher interest rate returns on your investments.

Take advantage of MoneyAisle Bank Auctions to get the best rates on CDs and High-Yield Savings accounts with absolutely no commitment requirements.

You can even test a free MoneyAisle auction in your area now without registering just to check out your options for the best bank rates.

Take advantage of this opportunity to have banks compete for your business and receive higher banking rates through MoneyAisle.

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