New Interactive Bank Bonus Chart on Maximizing Money

Maximizing Money has introduced a new interactive banking promotion chart to help you find the latest and greatest bank bonuses with ease.

This new Interactive Bank Bonus Chart allows you to search and filter bank offers by a variety of variables.

For the longest time, I have simply listed bank bonuses alphabetically by the name of the bank or credit union.

While this works well if you are searching for a specific bank or credit union, it does become more complicated if you are trying to find bank promotions that are available in a certain state or for certain types of accounts.

It becomes especially difficult the longer your list becomes, and Maximizing Money has over 200 current banking bonuses available.

To help simply things, I have now implemented an interactive banking promotion chart that allows you to easily find all types of offers.

New Features of the Interactive Bank Bonus Chart

Interactive Banking Bonus Chart

1. Search All Bank Promotions

You can now use the Search box at the top of the bonus chart to search bank names, account types, requirements, etc., and receive filtered results that meet your parameters.

2. Find Bank Bonuses by State

You can now enter your state’s name in the Search box at the top of the bank bonus chart in order to filter the results by only promotions that are available in your state.

3. Filter Bank Offer Columns

The details of the bank offers have now been organized under multiple columns including the bank or credit union name, account type, bonus amount, promotional requirements, expiration date, state availability, and posted date.

This allows you to filter the results so that you can more easily view the newest available offers by date, promotions that are expiring soon, checking or savings account offers only, or the biggest bonus amounts.

4. Control Number of Entries Shown

There is a Show Entries filter on the top left side of the chart that allows you to control the number of entries that are shown in the chart.

There is also a Previous/Next option at the bottom right of the chart to view the next set of entries.

This saves you from having to scroll through the entire list if you don’t want to do so.

5. Links Open in New Window or Tab

I’ve set all of the links for the individual bank promotional pages to open in a new window or tab, depending on how your browser is set.

You just click on the bank name for any given promotion, and it will open a new window or tab to the individual bank bonus page with the full details of that offer.

By setting links to open in a new window or tab, this allows you to easily view offers and return to the bank bonus chart without any further navigation.

6. Full Page Access

I’ve removed the right sidebar from the bonus chart page to extend its size and make it more user friendly.

I think having the full page dedicated to the chart makes sense and spreads out the different columns to make the information more readable.

You can always click on the Home link or the site logo at the top of the page to return to the rest of the website.

Suggestions Welcome

This bank bonus chart is still a work in progress, and I welcome any suggestions that you may have to improved its usability.

My goal is to provide the most comprehensive resource for finding banking promotions on the web.

Take a look at this new Interactive Bank Offer Chart to find the best bank bonuses and credit union deals.

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