PerkStreet Checking Account

PerkStreet Financial℠ is now offering Debit Card rewards rebates.

Open a PerkStreet℠ Rewards Checking Account to take advantage of this offer.

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Open your PerkStreet Financial checking account today.

Then use your Debit Card to earn cash rebates from PerkStreet.


  1. Nancy Dang says

    The link to the $100 Perkstreet bonus directs you to a page that displays the previous $50 bonus. Is there another link to the new promotion?

  2. says

    Hello Igor,

    If you signed up through the $50 promotional offer or with no promotional offer, I doubt that PerkStreet would retroactively apply the $100 bonus to your account, although the requirements are the same between the $50 bonus and the $100 bonus.

    They probably use special tracking links that apply a certain bonus to your account, so if you signed up through the $50 link, the $50 bonus tracking code would be applied to your account, and if you signed up through the $100 link, then the $100 bonus tracking code would be applied to your account.

    However, I don’t know for sure, but I just don’t feel that PerkStreet would automatically apply an extra $50 on top of the original $50 bonus offer if you signed up previously, although in theory, they should in the name of good customer service.

    The best bet would be to contact PerkStreet directly in regards to your specific account and indicate that you would like the $100 bonus offer applied to your account.

    If you contact them directly, then they would be more likely to apply the $100 bonus to keep you happy, but I don’t think they will automatically apply the $100 bonus for everyone that qualifies unless you specifically signed up through the $100 bonus link.

    I would love it if they proved me wrong though and automatically boosted everybody to the $100 bonus offer.

    That would be some amazing banking service.

    Please let us know if you have any luck.

    Thank you for commenting, Max

  3. Dave says

    Watch out for these people.

    You more then likely will not get the bonus.

    There system is junk. Bonus does not get applied to every account because of software glitches.

    “Thanks for your email; I apologize for the trouble. Please provide your full name or account number and I will reset your information. I think that there was a processing error in our New Accounts department as several other customers were affected as well.

    Best Regards,
    Customer Correspondence
    The Bancorp Bank
    409 Silverside Rd
    Suite 105
    Wilmington, DE 19809

  4. says

    Hello Josh,

    It looks like PerkStreet has now redirected and/or expired the $100 promotional page at this time, so they may have decided to remove the $100 bonus offer.

    I’m not sure what they are up to exactly, but I can no longer find information regarding the $100 bonus offer on the PerkStreet website.

    I’ll continue searching though and post any updates if I find them.

    Thank you for pointing this out.


  5. Dave says

    The first post I made dec 4 was jumping the gun. Since then I have spoke with perk street and they made it right. It was my error and jumping the gun. I would for sure tell anyone to sign up for the account it will kill any rewards checking account you can find.

    Sorry Dan and the perk street team.

    This company has some very nice stuff in the pipeline.

  6. says

    Comments Update:

    Just a note to our readers that comments 1 – 9 were in regards to the prior PerkStreet bonus offer.

    The above article has now been updated to the current $50 PerkStreet promotion.

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