PerkStreet Checking Account Cash Rebate Promotional Offers for Cash Back

PerkStreet℠ is offering up to 25% cash rebates in PowerPerks categories for bonus earnings in select categories when you use your PerkStreet Financial℠ Debit MasterCard® to make your purchases.

Open a PerkStreet Rewards Checking Account to take advantage of these opportunities to earn up to 25% cash back.

PerkStreet up to 25% Cash Rebates

You’ll earn up to 25% cash back in PowerPerks categories.

Check out the latest PerkStreet PowerPerks Cash Back Rewards to earn up to 25% cash rebates on select Debit Card purchases from PerkStreet.

The cash back special categories and merchants are sent directly to your inbox.

PerkStreet 2% Cash Back Rebates

You’ll earn 2% cash back on online purchases at:, iTunes,,, and

The online purchase 2% bonus perks are limited to $2,500 in spending every calendar year.

You’ll also earn 2% cash back in-store, when you have a current account balance of $5,000 or more, at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Apple stores.

The offline purchase 2% bonus perks are limited to $2,500 in spending every calendar year.

Plus, you’ll get 2% unlimited cash back when you and a friend use your cards together at the same restaurant, bar, or coffee shop, but the transactions must occur within 60 minutes of each other to qualify.

Review our PerkStreet Rebate Bonus Offer for more details about earning cash rewards from PerkStreet Financial.

PerkStreet 1% Cash Back Rebates

You’ll always earn 1% unlimited cash back for all non-PIN debit card purchases.

Take advantage of this PerkStreet rebate offer to earn up to 25% cash rebates for all of your debit card purchases.

You may also be interested in these 5% Credit Card Rebates for additional cash back on your purchases.

Sign up for a PerkStreet cash rebate Debit Card today to earn up to 25% cash back in select categories with your PerkStreet rewards checking account.

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