PerkStreet Financial Checking Account

The PerkStreet Financial℠ checking account is now offering Debit Card rewards rebates.

Just open a new PerkStreet℠ Rewards Checking Account to take advantage of this offer.

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Open your PerkStreet Financial checking account today.

Then use your Debit Card to earn cash rebates on all of your purchases from PerkStreet.


  1. Perkstreet is horrible says

    Their website lists being able to open your account using a credit card and not being charged cash advanced fees.

    Well, that is not the case. I was still charged cash advanced fees because even though Perkstreet runs the charge through as a Point of Sale, the credit card companies will still recognize them as a “financial institution”. I tried to resolve this issue with them with no help. They could have at least credited my account for having misleading information on their website.

    Their customer service was ok at times, but most of the time, I had people who were rather rude.

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