PNC Bank up to $300 Personal Checking Account Bonus with Virtual Wallet

PNC Bank has introduced a new promotional offer for up to $300 in bonus cash with the PNC Virtual Wallet account through August 31, 2015.

This PNC Bank offer is only available to residents of AL, DC, DE, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, MO, NC, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, VA and WI.

PNC Bank Checking Account Promotional Requirements

With this PNC Bank $300 Bonus Offer, you can earn up to $300 when you open a new PNC Virtual Wallet, establish a direct deposit, and make at least 1 payment with PNC Online Bill Pay.

  • Virtual Wallet$50 bonus with a direct deposit of $500 and 1 Online Bill Payment.
  • Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend$200 bonus with a direct deposit of $2,000 and 1 Online Bill Payment.
  • Virtual Wallet with Performance Select$300 bonus with a direct deposit of $5,000 and 1 Online Bill Payment.

Just open a PNC checking account with a qualifying direct deposit and complete 1 payment via PNC Online Bill Pay within 60 days of account opening to receive a banking bonus of $50 to $300, depending on the amount of your direct deposit.

PNC Bank Checking Promotional Details

To qualify for the initial reward, you must meet the following requirements:

1. A new personal checking account must be opened online via the above promotional link or at a branch using the coupon code that you receive via email upon request.

2. Complete 1 payment via PNC Online Bill Pay within 60 days.

3. Qualifying direct deposits must be received within 60 days ($500 in direct deposits to earn $50, $2,000 to earn $200, or $5,000 to earn $300).

Your checking account must remain open in order for you to receive the initial bonus reward, which will be credited to the eligible account within 60 days after all conditions have been met.

A qualifying direct deposit is defined as a recurring direct deposit of a paycheck, pension, Social Security, or other regular monthly income electronically deposited by an employer or an outside agency into a Performance or Performance Select Checking Account, or the Spend Account of a Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend.

The total amount of all qualifying direct deposits credited to your checking account must be at least $500, $2,000, or $5,000, depending on which bonus amount you want to qualify to receive.

Credit card cash advance transfers, transfers from one account to another, or deposits made at a branch or ATM do not qualify as qualifying direct deposits.

Eligibility for Promotion

This offer is only available to new PNC Bank checking account customers who open an eligible account using the online application.

Your new account will not be eligible for the offer if any signer has signing authority on an existing PNC Bank consumer checking account, has closed an account within the past 90 days, or has been paid a promotional premium in the past 12 months.

If multiple accounts are opened with the same signers, only 1 account will be eligible for the premium.

Take advantage of this PNC Bank bonus to earn up to a $300 cash reward with a new PNC personal checking account.

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Open your PNC checking account online today to qualify for this personal checking account bonus.


  1. Tori T says

    With this offer you must stay consistently on to them for the reason they don’t want to give you the $100 promo reward.

  2. elaine feige says

    I have a tenant who banks at pnc. If I open a checking account for her to deposit a check monthly in the amount of $2,200 will this qualify me for the incentive $150 new account?

  3. H.T. says


  4. says

    Hello H.T.,

    PNC updates their promotional pages as they expire, so the old promo page for that offer would no longer be available online as a live page.

    Unfortunately, we do not have a PDF copy of the promo page or otherwise, so if you need the page for proof of some sort, we would not be able to provide that to you.

    The link in the above article leads to the newest promotion available.

    Best of luck, Max

  5. Albrecht says

    After Chase & Capital One, PNC takes place # 3 in my personal list of worst banks ever: constantly freezing my access to funds for no reason and avoiding fulfilling any promos. Pathetic!

  6. Elliott Marshall says

    Re: PNC Promotion ($100, 200, or $300)

    I opened my account on August 26 in person with cash.
    I than went home and used my Pal Pal Account to make an additional deposit to qualify for the $300 bonus, which required a total of $5000 via direct deposit to qualify. I also paid a cell phone monthly bill using their online bill pay.
    All bonus requirements were completed within 2 weeks. (I had to transfer some money from my ‘real’ bank to Pay Pal so I could “Direct Deposit” to PNC. That is why it took almost two weeks.

    Today I received my $300 bonus, and my “obligations” for this bonus offer to PNC are completed. There is another $100 bonus available, IF I have $20K in my account before Oct 26, and it remains for 90 days. I don’t think that’s going to happen. LOL

    1: PNC paid me my $300 bonus in 37-38 days from when I opened the account.
    2: Pay Pal (worked for me) to qualify the (ACH) Direct Deposit requirement. Because I “knew” Pay Pal would “work”, I was able to earn a much higher tier bonus than my meager social security check would have provided.
    3: I have no further obligation to PNC to keep the account open, etc. I will, for now, until I find another bonus offer worth the effort.

    Elliot Marshall -Bank Bonus Whore.
    2014 current total: $725.00. And two coffee mugs, And assorted other swag. :)

  7. Crystal says

    Does anyone know if the $2000 direct deposit is accumulative or a one time direct deposit?

    Ex. Can I have 1000 from this paycheck and 1000 from next paycheck?

    • says

      Hello Paula,

      Thank you for letting me know. PNC Bank has pretty much extended this same promotion every time it expired for the last several years, except it has been for up to $400 at times. I’ve updated the date in the article, and I appreciate you letting me know.


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