Sunflower Bank Checking Account and Sign & Save Savings Account Promotions in Kansas and Colorado

Sunflower Bank is currently offering promotional cash rewards when you sign up for a Sunflower Bank account package in Kansas and Colorado.

Just sign up for a Sunflower Bank checking account, check card, and Sign & Save savings account to earn these promotional cash bonuses.

Spend & Sign & Save

With Sign & Save, every check card purchase that you make rounds up to the next dollar amount, and the rounded amount of cash transfers from your checking account into your savings account.

As a bonus, Sunflower Bank will match 5% of your round-up totals on signature or credit transactions at the end of the year.

Sunflower Bank will also pay you back $1 per month when you enroll in eStatements.

In addition, Sunflower Bank will pay you back 25 cents each time that you swipe your debit card, all the way to zero.

You’ll also receive access to the Sunflower Bank Membership Headquarters, where you’ll find virtual and local savings that allow you to print coupons and save with online retailers.

Take advantage of these Sunflower Bank Promotional Bonuses to earn extra cash with your Sunflower banking package.

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Sign up for a Sunflower Bank checking account and Sign & Save savings account to earn cash rewards for performing banking activities.

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