Wachovia $25 Banking Bonus for Accounts Opened Online

Wachovia is now offering their $25 banking bonus for the Free Checking and Free Student Checking accounts when you open your new checking account online.

Update: The Wachovia customer referral program has ended as of December 31, 2009. Please see the Wachovia Referral Page for more information.

In order to receive the $25 bonus, you must be referred by a current Wachovia customer, who can now send you an email invitation that allows you to open your Wachovia checking account online and earn the $25 banking bonus.

Previously, this bonus was only available to new customers who opened their checking account at a Wachovia location or by phone, which can still be done, but this new option makes it easy to open a Wachovia personal checking account online and receive the $25 Wachovia Visa Gift Card bonus.

If you don’t know any Wachovia customers, email MaximizingMoney@gmail.com, and we’d be more than happy to send you an official Wachovia referral email so that you can open your account online and receive the $25 bonus, plus we’ll also receive a $25 referral bonus, so we both win.

Please provide your full name when requesting an email invitation to apply online, as it is needed to complete the email referral form properly.

Visit our Wachovia $25 Bonus Offer Review for more information on the Wachovia referral program and additional details on how to receive your $25 bank bonus from Wachovia.

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