Wells Fargo Checking Account $250 Targeted Bonus Offer

Wells Fargo bank is offering up to $250 in bonus cash through November 21, 2014, but it is for targeted customers only.

You’re supposed to have received this offer directly in order to qualify, but you can always attempt to apply by phone or in person to see if you can qualify.

Up to $250 Wells Fargo Checking Account Promotion

There is a promotion for up to a $250 Wells Fargo Checking Bonus, but this promotion is targeted for select customers who are recipients of the direct mail piece or email, so not everybody may be able to qualify, although it may be worth trying to qualify by phone or in person if you want to open a PMA Premier Checking account linked to a PMA Package to get the full $250 bonus.

This offer gives targeted customers a $100 bonus with Everyday Checking, a $150 bonus with a Preferred Package, or a $250 bonus with a PMA Package.

In order to qualify, you must open and fund a new eligible checking account by November 21, 2014, with at least:

1. $50 when opening an account at Wells Fargo stores and business banking locations (not including the bonus).


2. $25 when opening an account through Wells Fargo Phone Bank or Wells Fargo Online (not including the bonus).

Within 60 days of opening and funding the checking account, you must either make 10 purchases or payments with your Wells Fargo Debit Card or establish a qualifying direct deposit.

A qualifying direct deposit is your salary, pension, Social Security, or other regular monthly income of an accumulated $500 or more, electronically deposited to your new checking account by your employer or an outside agency.

Transfers from one account to another, or deposits made at a banking location or ATM, do not qualify as a direct deposit.

The 10 Wells Fargo Debit Card purchases or payments must be from the consumer checking account opened for this offer.

This offer is available at all Wells Fargo stores, by phone at 1-866-203-9507, or online at wellsfargo.com/250bonus.

A special thank you goes out to Doctor Of Credit for posting about this targeted promotion.

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Get a Wells Fargo checking account bonus for a limited time.

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