Where To Enter Chase Checking Coupon Codes When Opening Account Online

Chase Bank allows you to enter coupon codes online when you open a new personal checking account, plus they now provide confirmation receipts that offer proof, just in case you don’t receive your bonus rewards as indicated.

I recently opened a new Chase Total Checking account after Closing My Chase Checking Account almost a year ago.

I originally closed my account, because I was unable to Avoid the Chase Checking Monthly Fee, as my account had been grandfathered into the old checking service fee rules.

Basically, the new Chase Total Checking account allows you to avoid the monthly fee with a qualifying minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more, while the older accounts did not have this option and required either a direct deposit or minimum debit card purchases each month to avoid the fee.

Since I could not meet the direct deposit requirement and didn’t want to make needless debit card purchases each month, I decided to close my account.

However, Chase recently sent me a $200 Chase Checking Code Without a Direct Deposit Requirement in the mail, so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get an extra $200 and open a new account.

I don’t necessarily like having to keep $1,500 in my account just to avoid the fee, but I do use Chase Bank for its convenience and proximity to my home, and for that reason, plus the extra $200, I decided to open a new account again.

How To Enter Chase Coupon Codes Online

It’s extremely easy to qualify for a bonus when you open your new Chase checking account online.

1. Just visit chase.com/checking to open your Chase Total Checking or Chase Checking account online.

2. Click the Open Now button to get started opening your account.

3. In the Getting Started section, select “I would like to start a new application,” and then a Coupon Code field will appear.

4. Simply enter your coupon code in that field, complete the other fields, and click the Next button.

5. You can then complete the rest of your application until you receive a Confirmation Coupon Receipt at the end of the application.

Print Your Chase Confirmation Coupon Receipt

Toward the end of the online application process, Chase now provides you with a Confirmation Coupon Receipt that confirms you entered a valid code.

The confirmation receipt also provides you with the qualification instructions in order to receive your bonus, so that you can confirm the terms of your offer.

In addition, you’ll receive a bonus tracking number, so just in case Chase Bank doesn’t automatically provide your bonus when you meet the qualifications, you can contact their customer service and have proof that you entered a valid coupon code.

Make sure that you print this receipt to PDF or create a hard copy for your records, as you never know if Chase might make a mistake and not provide you with your bonus after you meet the qualifications.

Chase Checking Bonus Codes

Review our list of Current Chase Bonus Promotions to get the latest coupon codes for Chase Bank checking accounts.

Take advantage of Chase coupon codes when you open a Chase Bank checking account online to earn a cash bonus reward.

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