Where To Get Chase Checking Bonus Codes Without Direct Deposit Requirement

Chase Bank offers a variety of personal checking account promotions for anywhere from $100 to $200 in bonus money with different requirements to earn the cash rewards.

Depending on the specific promotion, these checking account bonuses may require you to set up a direct deposit, make debit card purchases, meet the minimum funding requirements, or complete some other actions in order to qualify for the cash reward.

Most of the Online Chase Bonus Links require that you set up a direct deposit to earn the bonus money.

However, if you are unable to set up a qualifying direct deposit from your employer or the government, then you will need to find a Chase checking promotional code without the direct deposit requirement.

Here is a list of ways to get a Chase checking bonus code with no direct deposit requirement.

For the most part, these promotions apply to the Total Checking account or the standard checking account, depending on the state in which you live, but Chase coupons for other personal checking accounts and business accounts are also available from time to time.

Chase Checking Codes With No Direct Deposit

Check out these different ways to get Chase personal checking codes without a direct deposit requirement.

It’s important to note that each Chase coupon code is a unique 16-digit number that can only be used one time, so each person needs to acquire their own unique code.

1. Receive Chase Coupons Via Standard Mail

Chase Bank regularly mails out promotional coupon codes to potential customers who live near their branch locations.

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of a Chase Bank branch, then you will probably receive one of these Chase flyers at one time or another.

I personally receive these bonus codes on a regular basis, and they are usually for the $150 bonus, but I’ve received $200 bonus codes as well.

Most of the time, the Chase bonus flyers that you receive in the mail do not have a direct deposit requirement, although they may sometimes as well.

If you are patient and you live near a Chase branch, you will eventually receive one of these, and you can then use it to get some extra cash for opening an account without having to set up a direct deposit.

Chase promotions are also sometimes delivered in the local advertising packages that you receive in the mail, so you can check those as well.

2. Receive Chase Promo Codes Via Email

Chase sends out coupon codes to their current customers via email on a regular basis.

If you have a Chase Credit Card, savings account, or other type of account with Chase Bank, then you will probably receive these promotions once in a while.

These codes may or may not require a direct deposit, so make sure that you review the terms of your offer in the fine print.

If you want to receive these email announcements from Chase, then make sure that you include yourself on any of their promotional email lists when they request permission.

Again, this will require patience, as there is no telling when Chase will email you a promo code to use.

3. Ask Your Friends To Watch For Chase Codes

If you want to increase your chances of receiving a Chase code via standard mail or email as indicated in the first 2 options above, then let your friends and family know that you are looking for a Chase code.

Mention to your friends and family to watch out for Chase codes in their mail or email, as somebody you know is probably receiving these codes.

My mom actually gets Chase codes in her mail on a regular basis as well, which I tell her to save for me, so that I can use them to Share Chase Codes With Readers whenever I get them.

4. United States Post Office Chase Codes

You can sometimes find Chase checking promo codes in the mover’s packages at your local U.S. Post Office.

Just grab one of these moving packages and check through the advertisements for a Chase coupon.

These may or may not require a direct deposit, so make sure that you review the fine print.

The availability and terms of these coupons may vary from one region of the country to the next.

You can also get Chase coupons from the USPS Online Address Change Service, but there is a $1 fee required, so you probably only want to do this if you are actually moving, as there is no guarantee on what type of coupon you will receive.

5. Buy Chase Codes on eBay

People regularly sell Chase coupon codes on eBay for around $5 to $20 per code, and these often do not require a direct deposit.

Just visit eBay.com and perform a search for Chase coupon codes to see a current selection.

Most of these bonus codes are simply Chase coupons that the sellers receive via standard mail, which they are then turning around and selling for some extra profit.

For the most part, these codes should be valid, but you are still taking your chances when buying something like a promo code on eBay.

You’ll want to make sure that you purchase these Chase codes from a reputable seller on eBay, so that you are more likely to receive the unique, unused code that you need.

Even then, there’s always the chance that somebody else may have already guessed your Chase promo code.

Learn more about Buying Chase Coupons on eBay.com for a list of current offers.

6. Guessing New Chase Checking Codes

It’s actually possible to guess Chase promotional codes if you have a current valid code to base your guess on.

For instance, if your friend has a valid code that they recently used (which doesn’t require a direct deposit), then you can use their promo code digits to guess another valid code based on the sequential order of the numbers.

How To Guess Codes

Each Chase coupon code consists of 16 digits, such as the following example:

Chase Code Example: 4518-6750-5797-8364

For any given promotion, the first 12 digits of the code will remain the same, while the last 4 digits change to create the individual unique codes:

Chase Code Example of First 12 Digits: 4518-6750-5797-XXXX

You can then guess at the last 4 digits (digits 13 through 16) to find a valid 16 digit code by replacing the XXXX (as shown in the above example) with your guessed digits.

Sometimes, I’ve seen these codes go up in a sequential order, such as increasing by increments of 20, but I’ve also seen them generate randomly, where only the first 12 digits remain the same, and there is no sequential order for the remaining digits.

You can attempt to enter your guessed codes at Chase.com/Checking when opening an account online.

The online application will indicate whether or not you have entered a valid code, and it will provide you with the details of the code that you have entered.

Of course, guessing at Chase codes could take forever to find a valid code, but this method can still work.

Just make sure that the initial code that you use to base your guesses on is for a promotion that does not require a direct deposit, so that you will qualify for those same terms as well.

Current Chase Code To Use For Guessing Purposes

Here is a valid current $200 bonus code with no direct deposit requirement that you can use for guessing purposes.

Valid Code for Guessing: 4546-8424-3890-XXXX

Remember, you must guess the last 4 digits until you get a valid, unused code.

It’s best to start with a random number for the last 4 digits, and then increase your guesses by increments of 1 until you find a valid code.

The promotional offer for this code example is valid through September 27, 2012.

You must open a new Chase Total Checking account and deposit at least $100 within 60 days to qualify.

There is no direct deposit requirement.

You will receive a $200 bonus with this promotion.

Good luck with guessing, and please let us know if you have any luck in the comments below this article.

Possible Moral Dilemma With Guessing Codes: It’s important to point out that by guessing at Chase promo codes, you may actually be stealing valid codes from other people who received them through legitimate means.

For instance, you may guess a code that somebody else received by standard mail, or even a code that somebody else might purchase from eBay.

By guessing at codes randomly, you could end up taking a code from its intended owner, so this may not be the best method due to the unknown consequences it may cause.

Take advantage of these methods for getting Chase checking account coupon codes with no direct deposit requirements.

Review our Current Chase Bank Promotions to get online access to a variety of Chase cash bonus offers.

If you know of any other ways to get Chase personal checking codes without a direct deposit, please feel free to share your methods in the comments section below this article, so that we can all benefit.


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