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  1. Brian says

    First of all, CS at for WT is OUTSTANDING. Ive called several times and always reached a CSR within 15-20 seconds.

    I applied for the account on Thursday morning, when I only knew about the $100 promotion. When I found out that evening about the $500 promotion, I was told to call back and speak with a supervisor on Friday morning to see what they could do for me.

    I did so, and they had no problem applying the “new” $500 promotion code to my account. The only small “problem” is that one of the very helpful CSR’s told me that the “intiial” deposit had to be $50k in order to qualify for the $500, and you couldnt deposit that amount in “installments” or at a later time. It had to be all at once at the INITIAL funding deposit. He said given the circumstances, he would talk to a supervisor, and allow me to deposit an additional 40k in the next few days or week to qualifiy.

    Also later called back and spoke to a supervisor (again, extremely polite and helpful) and she basically said “yeah, you should try to deposit the additional 40k as soon as possible” but we are aware of your situation and have noted your account, and it shouldnt be a problem at all.”

    Just wanted to give a heads up to everyone about that–again, they seem to be pretty flexible and helpful, but it seems that (at least everyone Ive spoken to) everyone is saying you HAVE TO deposit the 50k all at once, during the initial funding step.

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