WTDirect Savings Account Offers High APY with No Fees

The WTDirect Savings Accounts offer a high APY for qualified customers, a low $1 minimum opening balance requirement, no monthly maintenance fees, and no direct deposit requirements to enjoy fee-free banking.

WTDirect Savings Account High APY Offer

WTDirect offers their high yield savings account with the following tiered APY terms.

All WTDirect Savings Account members receive the full APY (currently 1.11%) for the first 60 days from the date the account is opened.

After the first 60 days, accounts with balances of $10,000 or more will receive the fully APY, while accounts with balances less than $10,000 will receive a 0.15% APY.

This allows you to enjoy a high interest rate for 60 days while you review WTDirect’s services in order to decide whether you want to transfer a large amount of funds into your account to receive the ongoing higher APY tier.

Unlike some banks, there are no checking account relationship requirements in order to enjoy this high APY savings account from WTDirect.

WTDirect Fee-Free Savings Account

There are no fees to open or maintain your WTDirect Savings Account.

WTDirect has no maintenance fees, no minimum balance requirements to avoid fees, no direct deposit requirements to avoid fees, no checking account relationship requirements to avoid fees, and no other obligations to enjoy this fee-free savings account from WTDirect.

WTDirect offers free bank-to-bank transfers and free online banking, plus they make transfers between non-WTDirect institutions easy.

WTDirect Secure Savings Account

WTDirect Savings Accounts are FDIC-insured, so your money is absolutely safe with WTDirect.

WTDirect also offers $0 liability on unauthorized transactions on your account with a safe and secure online banking environment.

WTDirect High Online Transfer Limits

WTDirect offers high online transfer limits that make it easy to save money for large purchases and maintain direct access to your funds.

Transactions of up to $500,000 per transfer into your account and up to $200,000 per transfer out of your account are allowed, with a total monthly transfer limit of $500,000.

High transfer limits make it easy to move money around, especially if you are purchasing a home or plan to make other large purchases.

You may make unlimited deposits and up to 6 withdrawals per month from your WTDirect Savings Account, plus there’s no daily limit to the number of transfers you can make.

In addition, WTDirect allows transfers from outside financial institutions, unlike some banks that require you to only use their site for online transfers.

The WTDirect Savings Account offers fee-free banking with no requirements and no hassles, so take advantage of this high-yield savings account if you can qualify for the high APY or want the convenience of free online banking.

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