Cab With Me – NYC Taxi Sharing App Saves You Money

The new Cab With Me app has just been released for NYC taxi sharing that can split your ride costs in half.

Cab With Me is a free app that makes it easy to find someone to split a cab with in seconds.

You just set your destination, and Cab With Me will find you someone to share a cab with instantly or within 15 minutes, depending on the cab-sharing demand.

You can then message the other person to pick a meeting spot, and then you hail a cab or meet your car service to take a ride together.

When you arrive, you simply split the fare and go your separate ways.

Download Cab With Me from the App Store or Google Play to get started today.

The Cab With Me service officially launched in January 2013 as a web application.

However, the mobile app was just released, which now makes it even easier to find people to share cabs with on the go.

There are plenty of ways to Make Money By Sharing things in your life, and Cab With Me offers an easy way to save money by sharing cabs or car service rides like Uber in New York City.

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