FlightCar $20 Credit for Car Sharing and Airport Parking Service

The FlightCar airport car sharing service offers new customers a $20 credit to use toward a rental or as a listing payout bonus when you rent your car.

Plus, current FlightCar members can get a $20 credit for each new member that you refer who books or lists a vehicle.

The $20 FlightCar referral program credit is redeemable for a free rental day or as a listing bonus.

About FlightCar

FlightCar allows people who are parking at the airport to rent out your vehicle to other approved traveling members.

Every rental is insured for up to $1,000,000, and every FlightCar renter is pre-screened.

FlightCar members who sign up to rent out your car always get free airport parking and a car wash, even if your car isn’t rented, plus you’ll get paid cash if your car is rented by a FlightCar member.

Approved members who rent a FlightCar get low rental rates starting from $15 per day (including taxes and fees), free insurance, free extras, and no fees.

It’s free to join FlightCar to get started today.

FlightCar $20 New Member Credit

New members can sign up for a free account via this FlightCar Referral Link to receive a $20 credit to use toward a rental or as a listing payout bonus.

Just make sure that the FlightCar Referral Code MVXM is entered on the registration page when you create your new account.

You’ll receive a $20 credit to use toward a car rental or as a listing payout bonus when you rent out your own vehicle.

Since car rentals start as low as $15 per day including all taxes and fees, your $20 credit will be enough for a free rental day.

FlightCar Referral Program

FlightCar members can get a $20 credit for each new member referral that you make who books a rental or lists their vehicle.

Just refer your friends to FlightCar, and you’ll get a $20 credit when they book a vehicle rental or list their car.

Your friends will also get a $20 credit toward their first rental or as a listing payout bonus, so everybody benefits.

You can refer your friends via email, social networks, and by sharing your own unique referral link or referral code.

You just need to create a free account to participate in the FlightCar referral program, as there is no requirement to have previously rented a vehicle.

FlightCar Monthly $150-$300 Guaranteed for Renting Your Vehicle

If you live in Boston, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, and you don’t use your car that often, you can commit your car for a minimum of 30 days and get paid up front for your first month’s earnings.

The FlightCar Monthly program allows you to make from $150 to $300 per month, depending on the make and model or your vehicle.

If your car is accepted for monthly parking, FlightCar will pick up your car and mail you a check for your guaranteed earnings up front.

You can even access your car (or an equivalent vehicle if yours is rented) for 4 days per month.

You can remain enrolled in FlightCar Monthly parking for as long as you like, so this is a great way to make some extra income each month, if you have a car that you don’t need to use that often.

You may also be interested in Getaround and RelayRides for more person-to-person car rental opportunities that can help you earn some extra cash for sharing your vehicle.

Please feel free to exchange your FlightCar referral links in the comments below this article.

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