Lyft Line Carpooling Service Launches

Lyft has launched a new Lyft Line carpooling service that allows you to share your Lyft rides with other passengers.

Similar to the UberPool Carsharing Experiment that was just launched, Lyft Line will connect you to a ride with other passengers that is already going the same direction for up to 60% less than a solo passage for the same route.

Lyft Line will only be available in San Francisco on iOS at first, with Android and other cities to be added soon.

You can Try Lyft Line Free to celebrate the launch.

The price of your trip is fixed up-front, and even if Lyft does not find another passenger, your Lyft Line will remain at the discounted rate.

You can also participate in the Lyft Referral Program to earn free credits toward your Lyft rides.

Take advantage of the new Lyft Line service to share your Lyft rides for up to 60% in savings off your trips.

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