Sidecar Ride Service $20 Credit for New Users and $10 Referral Program Bonus

The Sidecar ride service is offering new users a $20 credit toward your first ride.

Plus, you can earn an extra $10 credit for each friend that you refer who takes a ride with Sidecar.

Updated 12/23/2014: Sidecar Referral Bonus Increased

Sidecar has increased the referral program bonus to $20 for new users and $10 for current users.

First-time Sidecar riders can get $20 in free credit when you enter a current user’s referral code while signing up.

Plus, current Sidecar users will get a $10 credit after your referrals take their first ride.

Thank you to our reader Toby (Referral Code TOBIAS11) for alerting us to this increase, and please feel free to use his Sidecar referral code to get your $20 new user credit.

How To Get $20 in Free Sidecar Credits

1. Download and install the Sidecar App for your iPhone or Android.

2. Create an account and then Enter Referral Code: jdhmd prior to requesting your first ride.

3. The $20 credit will be added to your account immediately.

This $20 credit offer will work for new Sidecar users who have not previously requested a Sidecar ride.

This offer is valid anywhere Sidecar is available.

More Sidecar Promotional Codes

Promo Codes: SFVIP and SDVIP – $25 Credit for Sidecar.

Promo Code: RD3TQ – $25 Credit for Sidecar.

Promo Code: pccnh – $10 Credit for First-Time SideCar Riders.

Promo Code: Jchnk – $10 Credit for First-Time SideCar Riders.

Sidecar Customer Referral Program Details

Sidecar Ride Service Referral Program

The Sidecar referral program provides current users with a $10 bonus credit for each new rider that you refer after they take their first ride.

Plus, new Sidecar users will receive a $20 credit toward your first ride when you use a referral code, so everybody wins.

If you want to share your Sidecar referral code, please feel free to do so in the comments below this article.

About Sidecar

Sidecar is available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

The Sidecar driver service allows riders to choose the vehicle, the driver, and the price for every ride that you take, and it is similar to Lyft and Uber.

To request a ride, you simply enter your location and destination in the Sidecar app to find nearby drivers.

You can then choose the vehicle, the driver, and the price that you would like from the available rides.

Sidecar also provides a unique pricing system that allows drivers to set their own price and compete for your business, so that you get lower rates.

Sidecar Driver Referral Program

Sidecar also offers a referral program for drivers.

When a current driver refers a new driver to Sidecar, you will both receive a $50 bonus after the referred driver’s 10th ride.

Additionally, Sidecar posted on their Facebook page on 2/21/2014 that they are offering bonuses for all new drivers who sign up right now.

So you can receive an extra incentive of $50 when you complete your 10th ride, whether you sign up through another Sidecar driver’s referral or not.

Check out Sidecar and participate in the referral program to get extra bonus credits toward free rides.


  1. Costa Malak says

    In the app, click the top left button and then click the “Payment” section. Enter the Lyft credit code “COSTA12” BEFORE you order your FIRST Lyft for $25 of free credit to new users 😉

  2. cm says

    If you need a uber promo code: please use “candacem” for your first ride. If you need a lift one, try “candace668” — thanks so much! both give you your first ride free, up to $25.

  3. ks says

    UBER Code Uberpromowinning for $30 off your 1st ride on UBER.

    SideCAR code KIRAN74 for $20 off your first ride.

    LYFT code KIRAN228655 for $20 off your first ride.

    Stay warm and ride free people.

  4. Greg says

    Give them $20 of credit when they use your code: GREGORY288
    Earn $10 of credit when they take their first ride!

  5. Sem says

    VALID AS OF MAY 20, 2015

    $20 Free UBER ride: 93jp9
    $20 Towards a LYFT ride: SEMION452732
    $15 Free SIDECAR ride: SEMION3


  6. AJ says

    Go for safe ride

    $20 sidecar CREDIT for free ride- Inter code AJ323

    $30 lyft CRADIT for free ride- inter BL981611

    ☯ ♥ ♛

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