10 Freelance Blogging Jobs to Make Money Online

There are many freelance blogging jobs that can help you make money online if you are entrepreneurially minded and Internet savvy.

You can earn extra income by offering freelance blogging services that website owners are unable to perform or don’t have time to complete on their own.

Freelance blogging gigs allow you to work from home while making extra income online, but it’s definitely not an easy endeavor and takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be successful.

You’ll have to be an enterprising go-getter and skilled networker in order to find jobs and achieve success, as there is a ton of competition out there from many professional bloggers.

However, if you have a certain area of expertise and are ambitious to succeed, there are many opportunities to be successful and create online income streams for yourself.

List of Freelance Blogging Jobs

Match your skills with these freelance blogging services to make some extra money for your online activities.

1. Freelance Blog Article Writing Services

If you’re an expert in a certain field or can spin an exciting story on any topic, then you can make money writing freelance articles for blogs.

You’ll need top-notch research and writing skills with the ability to add a personal touch to your articles, but if you have these qualities, there is no shortage to the blogs that will buy your articles.

You can also offer to help bloggers create guest posts for submission to other blogs, as a way for them to gain exposure and backlinks to their blog.

In addition, many blogs offer staff writing positions that provide you with a steady income stream if you can create articles on a regular basis and connect with their readers.

You can also offer article research services as well as proofreading or editing services.

2. Blog Advertising Management Services

If you have a background in managing advertising or are a seasoned Internet advertiser, you can offer advertising management services to bloggers.

You’ll be the middleman between the personal bloggers and the companies that want to promote their products and services as well as larger advertising management services that are looking to connect with new bloggers.

You’ll need to make connections with both bloggers and company marketing executives to bring them together, and you’ll take a percentage of the advertising fee that is paid to the blogger for your services.

You can provide bloggers with new opportunities, and you can also help manage any direct communications that the blogger may receive on their own from advertisers.

3. Widget Development Services

If you’re a technical guru when it comes to website widgets, you can offer to build customized widgets for bloggers who are looking to add a unique service to their website.

You can also develop widgets for use with WordPress and other blogging platforms, which you can then sell to multiple bloggers to increase your customer base and income potential.

4. Blog Design Services

Graphic artists can make money online by offering your design services to bloggers to create logos, custom banners, unique images, business cards, and complete website designs.

Utilize your graphic design skills to get paid when you help bloggers redesign their websites and create attractive blogs.

5. Technical Blog Management Services

If you’re an expert at coding, servers, hosting, or other technical aspects of managing a website, you can offer your services to less technically-inclined bloggers.

Provide your skills to develop custom website forums, manage hosting and servers, set up blogs and websites, create unique blog applications, and manage blogs in emergency situations that have been hacked or otherwise compromised.

6. Blog Carnival Submission Services

Blog carnivals are compilations of articles from multiple blogs that help bloggers gain exposure, backlinks, and new readers.

Many bloggers don’t have the time to submit all of their articles to blog carnivals, so you can offer to do this service for them.

Create a list of the best blog carnivals, and then create a blog carnival submission service for a modest fee.

7. Blog Commenting Services

Many companies and bloggers are looking to expose their products or websites through comments on other blogs.

If you like to visit a lot of websites and comment on blog articles, you can offer commenting services to these companies and bloggers.

You will post comments under the name of the company/website with a link back to their services from your comments, thereby providing them with exposure to other readers.

8. Forum Moderation Services

If you like to connect with others online and frequently visit website forums, you can offer your services professionally by moderating online forums.

Moderators keep other commenters on topic and control the flow of a forum.

Since this is a time-consuming task, especially on popular forums, many forums offer decent compensation for these services.

9. SEO and Blog Optimization Services

If you’re an expert on Search Engine Optimization and can help launch a website to the front page of Google, there are a lot of websites that will pay you to get there.

You can offer SEO consulting services for a fee, or even participate further in the optimization process for websites that are looking for extra help.

Beyond SEO services, you can also help bloggers optimize advertising campaigns, Adsense placements, website configuration/design, and other aspects of their blogs.

10. Social Media Management Services

If you’re the most popular person that you know on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites, you can offer social media management services to bloggers and companies.

Help manage blogger’s Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to gain more readers and increase social influence.

You can also help expose bloggers to new social media paths and connect their social media campaigns together including complete social media setup and integration with their blogs.

Where To Find Blogging Jobs

The key to being a successful freelancer is to relentlessly promote your own services through your website, social media accounts, networking resources, and by contacting potential clients via email on a regular basis.

You can also find freelance blogging positions at the following job boards:

ProBlogger Job Board – Lists many freelance blogging opportunities including a variety of paid writing gigs.

BloggingPro Job Board – Provides updated paid blogging jobs for freelancers.

Indeed.com – Perform a search for “blogging” to find a variety of paid blogging opportunities in your area.

Simply Hired – Another great job aggregator to search for blogging jobs in your area.

Freelance Writing Jobs – Good resource for daily job leads and tips for online freelancers.

Craigslist Job Boards – Excellent local resource for freelance blogging gigs in your area.

Many online freelance jobs can be attained by contacting bloggers directly, but if you already have your own blog, you can also advertise these services online as well, and you’ll have the added credibility of your website to display your blogging skills.

Providing freelance blogging services is a great way to earn extra income online from the comfort of your own home.

You may also be interested in these additional resources for Making Money Writing Online for more paid Internet writing opportunities.

Perform freelance blogging jobs to start making extra money online today.

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