$100 Lending Club Contest Plus $25 Entry Bonus for Joining Lending Club for Free

Lending Club has been kind enough to sponsor a $100 Lending Club Grand Prize to one lucky winner of our Lending Club Contest.

Important Note: This Lending Club contest has ended. Congratulations to Jennifer for her winning comment. It was difficult to judge a winner due to the variety of excellent comments and informative reviews on Lending Club, and we sincerely appreciate everyone’s participation.

Although the Lending Club contest has ended, you can still earn a $25 referral bonus when you sign up for Lending Club through the referral link below, so make sure that you take advantage of this Lending Club $25 bonus offer.

Plus, each contestant will get a $25 bonus just for joining Lending Club for free as a new lender.

Each person that enters our Lending Club Contest will get a $25 bonus when they sign up for Lending Club as a new lender, and one lucky new customer will have a chance to win the $100 grand prize.

The $100 Grand Prize will be deposited into the winner’s new Lending Club account for a total of $125 in cash to begin investing in the Lending Club peer-to-peer lending network.

Lending Club is a peer lending network that allows you to lend or borrow money through a network of people with less fees and hassles than standard lending institutions and interest rates that are favorable to all parties involved.

The Lending Club Contest is a great way to start investing in Lending Club with a $25 bonus for each new member that signs up as a lender, plus one lucky winner will get an extra $100 to invest in the Lending Club network for a total grand prize of $125.

Check out how to receive your $25 bonus to get started lending with Lending Club, plus make sure you enter our Lending Club Contest for a chance to win the $100 Lending Club Grand Prize.

Lending Club $25 Sign-Up Bonus

In order to get the $25 sign-up bonus from Lending Club, you must join Lending Club for free as a lender member through this Lending Club $25 Referral Link.

You must complete all 3 steps of the sign-up process to become a lender member and get the $25 bonus, including entering your personal information, verifying your identity, connecting a bank account, and personalizing your Lending Club account.

Once you complete these steps, you will receive your $25 referral bonus, and you can then use your $25 bonus to start lending within the Lending Club network.

You can read further details about the Lending Club $25 Referral Bonus, but make sure you complete the second step of the contest to be entered for a chance to win the $100 Grand Prize.

Lending Club $100 Contest Prize

Once you have signed up for Lending Club and invested your first $25, you may enter the Lending Club $100 Contest by writing about your peer lending experience in the comments section below.

Your comments may be about your personal experiences with Lending Club or peer lending, your insights into the peer lending industry, your feelings about the positive or negative effects of peer lending, or any other aspect of Lending Club or peer lending in general.

The person who leaves the best comment will win the $100 Grand Prize.

Comments will be judged based on originality, perspective, and insightfulness, and not necessarily on whether we agree with them or not.

Once you receive your $25 sign-up bonus at Lending Club and begin investing, simply return here to leave comments on your peer lending experience for a chance to win an extra $100 to lend though the Lending Club network.

Additional Lending Club Information

If you’d like more details on Lending Club and peer lending, you may wish to review some of the following peer-to-peer lending resources around the web.

Check out this Wikipedia Article on Peer Lending for more general information on peer-to-peer lending including links to many additional resources.

You may also be interested in this Harvard Business Review of Lending Club.

Review this Road Map for Financial Recovery including a case for Lending Club.

Lending Club Contest Details

The Lending Club contest will run from now through March 31, 2009, so you must leave your comments by midnight on March 31, 2009, in order to be entered for a chance to receive the $100 Grand Prize.

All comments will be taken into consideration and judged on their own merits, but only one comment will be chosen for the $100 Grand Prize.

The $100 Grand Prize is only available to one new Lending Club customer.

The winner will be contacted via the email address they leave within the comments section shortly after the contest ends, so be sure to enter your correct contact information.

The $100 Grand Prize will be credited to your Lending Club account, where it will be available for future lending through Lending Club.

Thank you to all of the participants in our Lending Club Contest and good luck to all of you.

In addition, MaximizingMoney.com reached out to Lending Club, and they were kind enough to donate the $100 prize for one new customer, so we would like to send a special thank you to Lending Club for sponsoring this contest.


  1. Susan says

    Picking through the list is easy; there’s a lot of choices, and I have to weigh everything, but it’s very easy and smooth to use LendingClub. I like it a lot.

  2. Andrew says

    LendingClub is an extremely resourceful website that allows you to put some of your savings in motion – The average return for your investments is 9.05%! Plus you can earn referral bonuses and meet new friends. For your peace of mind, LendingClub takes user privacy and security very seriously. The website has gained heavy exposure from popular press agencies such as CNN and Fortune Small Business. I will be referring all of my friends and relatives to LendingClub so that they can engage themselves in this growing community as soon as possible!

  3. Johnathan says

    I just wish California didn’t have suck STICKLER rules/restrictions! I would LOVE to be able to actually be an investor and make my small slice of the pie (in regards to the money that can be made). However, since I am not sitting on 100,000 annually I am not “qualified” to be a lender in California. Which is only bad because…I live here!

    Haha! Should have known it was too good to be true! Great Concept and Great Idea! Just wish I fit the “cookie-cutter” requirements so that I too could make some cold hard cash lending people mu money.

    Good luck to everyone in this contest…who knows, I might be the lowest man on the money poll. Everyone else probably laughed at the $100 Grand Prize. Not me…I dove right in.

  4. Parthav says

    Wow ! I am impressed by the Lending Club peer-to-peer lending concept….this is the electronic version of the age-old social lending practice, albeit, with a proper structure. I signed up with a lender account using this link, and as the referral details say, I did see a $50 referral in my account right away. I also invested that money in two loans of $25 each….nothing to lose !
    If my experience with lending on the first two loans is positive, then I will definitely invest more funds to earn a handsome 8-10% ROI.
    I also read some online reviews from Prosper.com and Lending Club.com users, and users seem to like Lending Club over Prosper.com.


  5. Sami says

    Lending Club is a fast-growing community which gives very high rates of returns to its users. If you are a part of Lending Club, you can start to feel like a stake holder of a bank. Because, the procedures to get a loan is not very different than from a bank and the payment of loans are reported to major agencies. Incase of a delinquency,the website uses internal and external collection services to attempt to recover payments.This increase safety of your investment.

    In Lending Club, average rate of return is 12% and I think this is very significant amount in this economic conditions. I personally don’t believe you can get comparable returns from stock market or any other investments.

  6. Alex says

    I recently opened a Lending Club. Not only did they offer $25-$50 to start off with, but they give you more return of interest than any other banks out there. Especially in this economy today, while the interest rates are dropping, the lending club remains still, an average of 9% APY is an outstanding rate. I don’t believe any banks out there can compete this rate. The Lending Club is making our money worthwhile and making our saving lifestyle easier. There’s no reason to go anywhere else. Stock market is a risky business during this economy, you can either win a lot or lose a lot these days. Savings account in other banks are less 2.5% now. Certificate Deposit national average is 2.5% as well. It is so simple to transfer money, withdraw, invest, and borrow money. Doing it all over with a click of a button. It can’t get anymore simpler than this and it can’t be more obvious to realize this is your best way to make your money.

  7. Anthony says

    I think this is a great way to cut out the mega-banks from the lending process. I like making a reasonable interest rate (I’m getting almost 9% versus the <2% rate paid on a savings account), and I get to know the story of where my money is going. One loan will help a borrower buy their first house, the other will help the borrower buy an engagement ring. Best of all, by keeping things small, no one will be deemed “too big to fail” and require a government bailout.

  8. Jennifer says

    I really like Lending Club. I’m a poor student so I haven’t got as much right now to help those who are less fortunate than me, aside from donating my time to local causes. Although I know that at least it is something, it still doesn’t feel like enough during these hard times. I love that the sign-up bonus gave me an extra $50 to buy some notes and help some others who are looking for that extra helping hand. Browsing the notes is interesting and it’s fun to think that I’m helping someone in my area thanks to the affiliations info. As an extra, it’s got me thinking more about focusing future investments toward peer-to-peer lending too. Thank you for posting this great opportunity to learn about social lending.

  9. Vince says

    The peer-to-peer lending concept struck my curiosity. The signup was very quick and easy. I’ve received the $50 referral right away to help put the money to work. There’s something gratifying about being able to fund credit worthy individuals to help them reach their goals or help them through life’s financial problems at the same time still earning a very reasonable return.

  10. Eduardo Castro says

    In Greek mythology, Pandora opened a box that released all the miseries of mankind: Being Broke, Not getting enough interest in your savings/checking account…and of course…your bank not lending you money even though you have an excellent credit score….leaving only hope inside. Well, this box has been opened once more to release hope –Hope in the form of LendingClub.com. LendingClub.com is a great website that offers you the ability to get peer to peer lending which is freaking easy. A simple application, a few questions…and poof! Your done! To top that off…They will offer you a $50.00 dollar bonus if you become a lending member. Another simple process in which a 5th grader will do it. Oh! Another cool thing is that if you refer your friends and family, you can get a simple referral bonus also. It’s actually a great website…so, what you waiting for? Check it out already!

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