21st Century Insurance Free $50 Prepaid Card for New Customers with 21st AutoPay Program

21st Century Insurance is offering new customers a free $50 prepaid card for participating in the 21st AutoPay program.

Plus, both new and current 21st Century Insurance customers can receive a 3% Go Green Paperless Discount on your policy premium.

Manage your auto policy through the convenience of the 21st Century Go Green program to get cash rewards and discounts on your policy.

Check out the 21st Century $50 Go Green bonus on their website for more details.

Go Green $50 Prepaid Card Program

New customers can receive a Free $50 Prepaid Card at your policy renewal date after enrolling and participating in the 21st AutoPay program and e-Signing your policy documents within 1 day of purchasing an auto policy.

This offer is available to new 21st Century Insurance customers only.

Eligible customers must have a policy with 21st Century Insurance, be participating in the 21st AutoPay payment plan, and have electronically signed your insurance documents in order to receive a $50 Citi Prepaid Card.

Enrollment in both 21st AutoPay and electronic signature programs must be completed within 1 day of policy bind date.

Once program requirements have been met, 21st Century Insurance will send participants a $50 Prepaid Citi Card by the next auto insurance policy renewal date.

Go Green Paperless Discount Program

New and current 21st Century Insurance customers can receive a 3% Go Green Paperless Discount on your policy premium when you sign up to access your account online and participate in the 21st AutoPay and Paperless Delivery programs.

This offer is only available in select states, although there is a little confusion within the fine print on the promotional page as to which states qualify (they have 2 different lists of qualifying states).

Take advantage of this Auto Insurance promotional offer when you sign up for 21st Century.

Get your $50 prepaid card and policy discounts from 21st Century Insurance.


  1. Yury Mirkin says

    I received 21st Century Insurance Visa Prepaid Card.
    Thanks a lot.
    The letter attached says:”visitprepaid.citi/21stcentury
    online to register….”. So, before use I must register? I can’t find option to register my card. Please, help.
    Thanks in advance,
    Yury M

  2. Roderick M Perry says

    i received 21st century insurance prepaid Visa card with 50.00 on card says must register card but site will not show where or how to register card went to site said in letter which is prepaid.citi.com/21stcentury to register an site has no register on it

  3. Beverly Callison says

    Cannot find the place to register the $50. prepaid Visa card. How can I use it when I can’t register it? If there is something I am missing, please let me know and direct me to it.

    • Louis Puckett sr says

      Well got my $50.00 card today but been a half a day trying to Register it , but no luck not much good to me ,, Ed Puckett sr

  4. Norm Reeves says

    I don’t understand the purpose of a prepaid credit/debit card…..if you want to reward me send me a check. Going to shred the card.

  5. Ed Erhardt says

    No way to register?? This is a bogas way to advertise CITI credit. Thanks a lot. It will enter my choice of insurance providers when renewal time comes. Trust has been deminished.

  6. Ruby Kirkland says

    Received $50.Citi visa credit card with instructions to go to Citi.com./21stcentur. The sight has no register sight to register the card. Why send out a card that no one can register. Thanks anyway!!! Can we trust your company.

  7. marcia lybrand says

    thank you for the card. But there is no a sigth where to register the card. this is just a big comercial for citi visa card. I don’t know why spend too much money in those plastics that there no good for nothing.

  8. Esther Johnson says

    I can’t find anywhere to register the card. I went to buy something but the card was rejected. I see the comments from others. Seems like no one can use the card. I hope this is not a hoax from such a reputable company. please advise me on how to use the card asap.
    thank you.

    • Sakthi says

      i was able to register the prepaid card successfully. you may have to give a try using this link
      if tap on “Register your card” under First time user? , the system will direct you for the registration process. this includes your card details , zipcode and contact details. Once it is registered successfully, you can see your account details with 50$ balance.
      you give a try and let me know if you have any questions.


  9. Janice Nichelson says

    What is the deal? CAN NOT REGISTER OR RECIEVE A PIN NUMBER why is this so difficult. I am certainly not going to try to use it and embarras mysel if it is just s hoax or no good e-mail me a rply asap This may cause me to change my car insurance if this is the way you do business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Carlos cano says

    Received my 50dlrs prepaid card and activated then when the to shop but no luck every time it was declined using debit or credit and to my dismay there is no one to call . I called 21st century insurance but no help

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