5 Signs of a Professionally Trained Structured Settlement Representative

A reputable structured settlement company is only as strong as the staff it nurtures.

Look for representatives that consistently display professional characteristics, from getting back to potential customers quickly, to answering all inquires in a non-pressured and informative manner.

Use the below signs to measure whether or not you are speaking to a professional structured settlement representative.

Forgoing the Hard Sell

A professionally trained structured settlement representative from a reputable company has no need to pressure or oversell a potential customer.

Look for an account representative that asks – and then listens carefully – about your personal financial needs before discussing your options.

Creating a Variety of Options

If any Structured Settlement Company spends more time outlining endless limitations why you cannot get the finances you need, move on.

The truth is, there are endless possibilities on how to get structured settlement cash payouts and the money you need from your payments.

Getting funding should be all about meeting your personal financial needs.

Able to Gather the Correct Documents

When you work with a company that does a high volume of structured settlement payment transactions, the staff is very savvy when putting together legal and other necessary documents.

These documents consist of contracts from the insurance company, verification of citizenship and bank account numbers and affidavits.

Your account representative should be expected to keep you organized and inform you of all important dates and deadlines.

Working with You in a Timely Manner

Any structured settlement account representative should be able to give you a clear outline of how long it will take until you receive your settlement cash.

This timeline starts from the first phone inquiry until the time a court date is scheduled, in order to obtain approval from a judge about your settlement payout.

Contacting Creditors and Managing Debts

Many sellers are in an emotional state of mind when they seek to sell a portion or all of their structured settlement payments.

The reason being is financial stress caused by relentless creditors, tax liens, a reposed car and even a bank foreclosure.

Acting on your behalf, structured settlement professionals can intervene with your financial institutions to solve these problems and allow their financial skills to really shine for you.

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